Hi all, we have been working on an easy way to share your graph for some time, and we are proud to present you with the first ever GraphGist Challenge! We want to encourage you to model a domain that you know / like in a graph model and describe it interactively in a GraphGist. A GraphGist is just a really simple AsciiDoc file, and can be hosted simply in a GitHub Gist. This is how easy it is to create a GraphGist: How to create a Neoj4 GraphGist from Peter Neubauer on Vimeo.

Ho does it work?

You just have to follow some simple steps (bascially they are described in the video above):
  • Find a great domain (Music, Dating, Comics, Healthcare, Politics, Sciences, …)
  • Whiteboard a good example graph model.
  • Determine interesting use-cases.
  • Create Cypher statements for setup and query-use-cases.
  • The graphgist needs to be public, so the ASCIIDOC source can be shown and linked.
  • Write a good description and create a pretty model picture.
  • Compose it all nicely in your asciidoc-graphgist-file.

How do I participate?

  • Tweet the public URL of your graphgist and add the tag #graphgist to the tweet.
  • Add it to the GraphGist Wiki page under the GraphGist Challenge Section
  • The GraphGist needs to be registered before Sept 30, 2013

What can I win?

#1 – the honor and 500 USD

#2 – the honor and 300 USD

#3 – the honor and 200 USD

Also, all participants get a GraphConnect ticket, so EVERYBODY WINS – we are from Sweden 🙂

Whom can I talk to?

Peter Neubauer


Michael Hunger

Reach us me @neo4j

Pernilla Lindh


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