We’re pleased to announce the release of Neo4j 2.1 Milestone 1, the first drop of the 2.1 release schedule whose dual goals are productivity and performance.In this release we’ve improved the experience at both ends of the Neo4j learning curve.… Learn More »

Today we’re releasing the latest version of the 2.0 series of Neo4j, version 2.0.1. For more details on Neo4j 2.0.0 see the December release blog post . This is a maintenance release and has no new features although it contains… Learn More »

Happy New Year! We’re happy to announce that we’ve extended December’s GraphGist Challenge until January 31, 2014! This gives you a few more weeks to submit or improve your entries to maximize your chances to WIN a $300 Amazon.com gift… Learn More »

A dozen years ago, we created a graph database because we needed it. We focused on performance, reliability and scalability, cementing a foundation for graph databases with the 0.x series, then expanding the features with the 1.x series. Today, we… Learn More »

A big thank you to all of the speakers, helpers and attendees who made GraphConnect New York and London 2013 such a graph-tastic success! We had a great time hacking and learning with graphistas on both sides of the pond… Learn More »

WARNING: This release is not compatible with earlier 2.0.0 milestones . See details below. The next major version of Neo4j has been under development for almost a year now, methodically elaborated and refined into a solid foundation. Neo4j 2.0 is… Learn More »

What is MusicBrainz? Paul Tremberth Quoting Wikipedia , MusicBrainz is an “open content music database [that] was founded in response to the restrictions placed on the CDDB.(…) MusicBrainz captures information about artists, their recorded works, and the relationships between them.” … Learn More »

The Driver WritersOur fearless leader Emil Eifrem presents the new Neo4j web browserSessions packed with attendeesGraphClinicians assist attendees with their graphDB problemsGraphClinician Amanda Laucher helps with a proof of conceptBBQ lunch while enjoying SF’s Indian summer(node_3) < – [:CONNECT] –… Learn More »

Type in a Cypher query, hit <enter>, then watch a graph visualization unfold. Want some data? Switch to the table view and download as CSV. Neo4j’s new Browser interface is a fluid developer experience, with iterative query authoring and graph… Learn More »

Philip RathlePeople love Neo4j for many good reasons. The Windows installation however isn’t usually at the very top of this list. With today’s release, we are making it a lot easier to run Neo4j Community on Windows. Neo4j 1.9.4 Community… Learn More »

In early October we are hosting our annual graph database conference GraphConnect in San Francisco. We want YOU to participate! Save the date: October 3-4 2013, the conference will be on 4th and we offer trainings on the 3rd. Read about our… Learn More »

Hi all,we have been working on an easy way to share your graph for some time, and we are proud to present you with the first ever GraphGist Challenge!We want to encourage you to model a domain that you know /… Learn More »

We are proud to release  Neo4j 2.0.0-M05 as a milestone today. The 2.0 project is now in full speed development after summer vacation. We’re getting close to feature completeness now, and we want to get this release out to you… Learn More »

Hello everyone,Today we’re pleased to release  Neo4j 1.9.3. This is a bugfix release in the 1.9.x series and has no new features (though it does restore an old way of registering unmanaged extensions with the server).If you’re on an earlier… Learn More »

Hello fellow graphistas,Today we’re releasing the latest version of the 1.9 series of Neo4j, version 1.9.2. While there aren’t any new API-level features in this release, there are plenty of goodies under the covers.Firstly we’ve been working with the lovely… Learn More »

Hello everyone!It’s been a while since I was last let loose on the Neo4j blog, and I’ve marked my return with some good news. This week marks the release of Neo4j 1.9.1, numerically at least just a maintenance release in… Learn More »

Alireza Rezaei MahdirajiI am Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji and I am a PhD student. My field or research is database systems.I am experimenting several databases to support large scale scientific and simulation data. Some of the datasets have an inherent graph… Learn More »

Luanne Misquitta, IDMission LLCMany organizations that are looking at modeling highly connected data to add business intelligence or analytical capabilities using Neo4j already have a database in place. Introducing a graph database into the mix does not have to be… Learn More »

Neo4j 2.0 will let you define sets of nodes within the graphPhilip RathleSenior Director of ProductsUpdate: 2.0.0-M02 is now available Today we are releasing Milestone Release Neo4j 2.0.0-M01 of the Neo4j 2.0 series which we expect to be generally available… Learn More »

Hey all,We are excited to be sponsoring Heroku’s Waza 2013. Michael Hunger, Pernilla Lindh and I will be at the Neo4j lounge with our amazing zen sand coffee table, along with showcasing the Waza-Twitter graph. Go to this page for… Learn More »

Hi all! A few months ago we announced that Neo Technology (Neo) had joined the Linked Data Benchmark Council (LDBC), a three-year EU-funded research project aimed at creating a comprehensive suite of performance benchmarks for graph databases. The goal of… Learn More »

Hey all,We have a special blog post written by our wonderful Neo4j community contributor Peter Bell. He has presented Neo4j in many settings, including recently at our Neo4j Tutorial – NYC. Below are his reflections on the seminar and Neo4j:I’ve always… Learn More »

Hi all, Michael and I have been on a great BeNeLux tour starting with a Meetup in Delft and another one in Antwerp with the big finale in Brussels for FOSDEM, one of the worlds geekiest unconferences. We talked at… Learn More »

For the past couple of months, and even more so since the beer post, people have been asking me a question that I have been struggling to answer myself for quite some time: what is so nice about the graphs?… Learn More »

Following the recent 2012 retrospective, we’d like to share some of our plans for the coming year. If you’ve been following our latest progress, you already know that we have a 1.9 version in the works. Neo4j 1.9 makes great strides… Learn More »

Happy 2013! It looks like another great year is in the forecast for graphs. This is the first of two blog posts, looking back at what has happened this past year, and then ahead to 2013.Growth in Graphs & the… Learn More »

Hi all,in the middle of the end-of-year festivities we are happy to announce another Neo4j 1.9 milestone before the year ends. This time, it is a milestone that is all about stability for 1.9.GA and paves the way for a… Learn More »

The neo4j.org website has been around and pretty static for a while – let’s move on! We want to welcome new Neo4j users with helpful information on how to get started and be successful developing applications using Neo4j.So we set… Learn More »

A successful beta has planted the seed for Neo4j in the cloud, available as an Add-on to Heroku’s superb platform. That beta will soon bear its first fruit with public availability debuting at next week’s GraphConnect.Mo Bettah Beta UsersThough humble… Learn More »

Welcome everyone to the first Milestone of the Neo4j 1.9 releases! In this release we’re introducing a simplification of HA cluster operations, and a set of excellent improvements to our query language, Cypher. Neo4j HA – fewer moving partsSetting up a Neo4j… Learn More »

In politics, people are often advised to “follow the money” to understand the forces influencing decisions. As engineers, we know we can do that and more by following the data.Inspired by some innovative work by Dave Fauth, a Washington DC… Learn More »

Available immediately, Neo4j 1.8 offers a delightful experience for reading and writing graph data with the simple expressiveness of the Cypher language. Whether you’re just discovering the social power of Facebook’s Open Graph or are building your own Knowledge Graph… Learn More »

Guest Author: Aidan Casey, Solutions architect, MYOB AustraliaLast week marked the end of the MYOBNeo4J coding competition. This was an internal competition for the development team in the Accountants Division of MYOB, to develop a customer relationship system for accountants… Learn More »

As we prepare the Neo4j 1.8 series for General Availability, we’re moving to an RC model of finalizing production ready software. RC of course stands for Really Careful. Resisting ChangesEvery line of code that is committed to github is greeted… Learn More »

Hi all,during a meeting some weeks ago some of the team discussed what 5 books geeks in the wider Neo4j community has read. We couldn’t reach a final conclusion so the discussion resulted in a Google Doc and a voting… Learn More »

For the “Lunch and Learn around Neo4j” with Andreas Kollegger we wanted to use a dataset that is easy to understand and interesting enough for attendees of the conference.So we chose to use just that days conference program as dataset.… Learn More »

I’m super-excited having been able to sponsor, attend, speak and “Track & Hack” at JRubyConf.EU. It has been a great time at the event. With the “track & hack” project we wanted to create an open and live dataset of… Learn More »

Neo4j’s High Availability enables a torrent of data flowing to clients by replicating the graph across a synchronized cluster of servers. The logical cluster can operate within a single data center, or be spread out across the globe. No problem.Well,… Learn More »

Available immediately, Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 7 sets the stage for responsible data sharing. We’re open source. Naturally we’re mindful about supporting…Open (Meta) Data  Way back when Neo4j 1.2.M01 was released we introduced the Usage Data Collector (UDC), an optional component which… Learn More »

To test a fully assembled system, a database must be properly integrated into the set-up and tear-down of the test environment. With Neo4j, JVM-friendly developers have a distinct advantage because the database can be instantiated directly in code. Though this… Learn More »

This week, Neo4j announced three new graph database meetups, in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.With these new additions, Neo4j’s Meetup graph has expanded to 27 groups worldwide, over 2500 members in 24 different cities.For those of you who are just… Learn More »

Last week we had about 50 graphistas show up for our Graphs in the Bay Area meetup, sponsored by GraphConnect and QCon SF. QCon and GraphConnect provided a small keg of local beer, pizza and a pair of free tickets… Learn More »

Thanks again everyone for attending the Intro to Spring Data Neo4j webinar. We hope you enjoyed the presentation and learned a lot. We answered all of your questions below. Feel free to use the listed resources to learn more or… Learn More »

The DataNucleus project provides Java applications with a consistent, standards-compliant platform for data management. To a broad range of data storage, DataNucleus has just added Neo4j support with the release of datanucleus-neo4j.The release of the DataNucleus v3.1.0-m1 of the “datanucleus-neo4j” plugin includes support… Learn More »

Neo4j’s High Availability solution provides replication across a cluster of machines, for maximum read scaling and reliable uptime. Chris Gioran takes a detailed look at Neo4j’s approach for managing master election in this excellent blog post.

Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 6 covers all major improvements of the 1.8 roadmap. Among the usual tweaks and updates, this milestone provides a welcome feature for operations engineers – rolling upgrades across a cluster. Rolling UpgradesThere is a subtle operational challenge… Learn More »

After publishing the call for helping us testing the Neo4j JDBC driver in the wild two weeks ago.Ralf Becher from TIQView stepped up and tested a LOT of JDBC tools with the driver. Thanks a lot for this engagement Ralf!Luanne… Learn More »

Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 5 is available for immediate download, polishing up Neo4j with some nice detail work. Here are the highlighted changes… CypherCypher is Neo4j’s friendly and expressive data language. Familiar seeming yet fresh, Cypher is your best option for… Learn More »

Hi all!Last lab-friday, Anders Nawroth made the neo4j manual toolchain produce deck.js HTML 5 presentations instead of the Neo4j Manual.The interesting part isn’t really the example itself, but that the toolchain now is able to generate HTML directly, instead of the normal DocBook… Learn More »

Neo4j 1.8 Milestone 4 is available today, offering a few new ways to help you find happy paths. To query a graph you use a traversal, which identifies paths of nodes and relationships. This release updates the capabilities of Neo4j’s… Learn More »

Heyo, It’s been a while, and I have missed you all. I am extremely stoked to announce GraphConnect, a conference that is all about graphs, and the graphs you find in your day to day life. Who:We have some great… Learn More »

Released today, Neo4j 1.8.M03 introduces the RELATE clause, a two-step dance of MATCH or CREATE. Also, new Transaction support in the shell let’s you call for a do-over in case you misstep. RELATE, a Subgraph Match-MakerA RELATE clause looks a… Learn More »

Our longer arcs of development are chunked up into short-term stories, which arrive with notable features at differing points. Uniquely, at this 1.8.M02 merge point, the changes are all of the strong, silent type: under-the-hood improvements, stage-setting additions, or simple… Learn More »

Triggered by a user question, let me just very briefly highlight a nice and easy graph visualization feature.Sometimes, you just want to fast see what you are putting in your little example graph. In Neo4j, there is a well hidden gem-the Graphviz Component.… Learn More »

Neo4j 1.8 has an eye for expansive views, painting a picture with data and hanging it on the web. In this first milestone release, artful work on the Cypher query language is complemented with live views in the Neo4j documentation.… Learn More »

Recently, Michael Hunger blogged about his lab work to use streaming in Neo4j’s REST interface. On lab days, everyone on the Neo4j team gets to bump the priority of  any engineering work that had been lingering in a background thread. I… Learn More »

We’re very pleased to announce that Neo4j 1.7 GA, codenamed “Bastuträsk Bänk” is now generally available. The many improvements ushered in through milestones have been properly QA’d and documented, making 1.7 the preferred stable version for all production deployments. Let’s… Learn More »

Over the last few days the Neo4j community team worked on the initial iteration for an interactive Neo4j tutorial.The first result we are proud to publish is a sharable console that runs an in-memory Neo4j instance in a web-session.It supports… Learn More »

Developers today live in a mix-and-match world, as the Neo4j Heroku Challenge demonstrated with some clever engineering that matched the creative applications. Whether enjoying a clean REST interface from your language of choice, or running on the JVM to tap… Learn More »

Neo4j 1.7 Milestone 2 introduces a trio of interesting advances: a new cache scheme, targeted pattern matching in Cypher, and Debian install packages. Faster, smarter, and more accessible.  Atomic Array Cache – GC resistant, 10x faster, 10x more capacityUnder the… Learn More »

Flavorwocky, an amusing name for a clever idea that highlights the connectedness of everyday life. With a little bit of coding, the simple idea about related flavors became Luanne Misquitta’s winning entry for the Neo4j Heroku Challenge. What was her recipe… Learn More »

Allison Sparrow @ Cloudstock 2012The entries have been entered, the votes have been cast and now it is time to announce the winners of the Neo4j Heroku Challenge! What more appropriate time or place for the announcement than here at Salesforce.com’s Cloudstock… Learn More »

With the release train now headed to Bastuträsk Bänk, we are excited to present the first milestone of the Neo4j 1.7 series. Cypher evolutionThe Cypher language continues to evolve nicely, incorporating insightful feedback from real world use cases. This version… Learn More »

Hi all,repeatedly there are questions on how to set up Neo4j with Eclipse and the Maven integration for it .Here is the short version:First, choose to create a new maven project:Second, choose the default maven quickstart archetype for it:Now, after choosing a package namespace… Learn More »

The Neo4j Heroku Challenge has closed, leaving a brilliant collection of projects to highlight developing with Neo4j using a broad range of languages and frameworks. With the challenge closed to entries, it is time for the voting! Let’s take a… Learn More »

Hi all,Today, for my lab project, I decided to model an in-graph index in Neo4j and query it with the Cypher Query Language.The basic problem we try to solve here is the ordering of events in a timeline and asking for… Learn More »

Good Relationships, the Spring Data Neo4j Guide Book, is available now for download from InfoQ. Go get it and read all the details about becoming productive with Spring Data Neo4j.But first, allow me a few words. Like any of you,… Learn More »

I was running late – meeting across time zones is a hassle. Standing in the street I couldhear the heavy rock music from the night club. Was this really the place for a big mediaevent in Malmö? Stepping into the… Learn More »

Three milestones later and we’re proud and happy to announce the release of Neo4j 1.6 GA.We are excited about a host of great new features, all ready to be used. Let’s get to it. HighlightsWhat features have been included in… Learn More »

Dear Developer Community,Today, we challenge you to create the best Heroku-hosted demo or template applications for the Neo4j Add-on.Every participant will get a Neo4j-Heroku t-shirt and awesome prizes will be given to the best contributions.Throughout the next month you have the chance to… Learn More »

Hey everyone,This week, we had a great turnout for our Intro to Spring Data Neo4j webinar, presented by Michael Hunger.As promised, here are the rest of the questions that we weren’t able to cover during the session:What’s the difference between… Learn More »

Another milestone is waiting for you – Neo4j 1.6.M03. Highlights in this release are: support for indexing unique entities, array queries in Cypher, and a Lucene update to version 3.5. It’s now available for download, and you can try it… Learn More »

Peter NeubauerHi all graphistas,Andreas Kolleggera while back I wrote a mail, announcing that we are putting a lot of effort from Neo Technology into helping the Neo4j community to prosper. This is not just empty talk.Michael HungerWe’re more than happy… Learn More »

Hello Graphistas and Rubyists!Now Heroku has become a language polyglot platform , we’re happy to announce that we’re enhancing the NOSQL ecosystem for Heroku customers and users by releasing the Neo4j-Graph Database Add-On. The Neo4j-Graph Database Add-On became “public” this… Learn More »

With Cypher, querying data is like creating Ascii Art to navigate through information. While fun and powerful, sometimes the pesky execution engine doesn’t appreciate the beauty of what you’ve typed. In this blog post, Rickard Öberg presents his implementation of… Learn More »

Last week saw the first London NOSQL Exchange organised by Skillsmatter and Neo Technology. And what a success it was, with around 100 attendees and excellent talks throughout the day leading to excellent local beers throughout the evening (and the… Learn More »

What a whirlwind!After a LOT of hard work, I came out of Chicago extremely happy to have met some great people within Neo and in the Spring community.The week got kicked off with an All Hands meeting, where all 25… Learn More »

Hi all,So I thought it would be worthwhile to let you all know what is going on with SpringONE. So much is happening, I’ve barely had any time to gather my thoughts to communicate our efforts to the most important… Learn More »

In this article from the PayPal Developer Zone, John Wheeler explains how to create an MLM Engine using Neo4j. He explains different MLM models, introduces basic graph concepts, then demonstrates how to map an MLM onto a graph to power… Learn More »

Marko Rodriguez gives us a step by step guide to building a graph-based movie recommender engine using the publicly available MovieLens dataset, the graph database Neo4j, and the graph traversal language Gremlin.He uses the animated movie Toy Story to demonstrate… Learn More »

This PhD student blogger is developing a social news stream app using Neo4j built on GWT.The most interesting part about his post is when he compares the speed of Neo4j to a MySQL database, with Neo4j:[Neo4j and GWT]Together with sending… Learn More »

Upon attending FOSS4g 2011, Blog Digifesto author “started hacking around graph database Neo4j in Scala because [he's] convinced both are the future.”He documents his challenges and process throughout this first pass. He uses sbt for the first time, and in… Learn More »

Last time Nigel discussed Neo4j, he introduced Py2neo, a binding between Python and Neo4j.This time, he’s back to talk about pagination with Neo and Cypher.“Fundamentally, the method described here exploits the order by, skip and limit features of Cypher in… Learn More »

In Adriano’s first segment of his Cypher & Neo4j blog series, Adriano introduces the subject by reminiscing on his childhood memories of disassembling toys to see how they worked.He then introduces Neo4j and Cypher, discusses parsing and parser combinators, and… Learn More »

After some considerable mocking from our good man Jim Webber, developer and architect Nigel Small started playing around with Neo4j. His conclusion: “In the end, I came to the conclusion that designing a graph database has far more in common… Learn More »

A Neo4j user, Romiko Derbynew, recently wrote his experience on full text indexing for Neo4j. Here were his goals: Control the pointers of the indexFull Text SearchAll operations are done via RestCan create an index when creating a nodeCan update… Learn More »

Our Chief Scientist and speaker extraordinaire Jim Webber just posted a blog post on graph processing. He addresses big data, and Hadoop and Pregel’s tendency toward data analytics, OLAP. Neo4j, on the other hand, “optimizes storage and querying of connected… Learn More »

Spring Data Graph 1.1.0 with Neo4j support releasedAfter the first public release of Spring Data Graph in April 2011 we mainly focused on user feedback. With the improved documentation around the tooling and an upgraded AspectJ version we addressed many… Learn More »

Hey everyone For all of you who weren’t able to make our webinar, Getting Started with Neo4j, we’ve edited the webinar, and have a summary of our Q&A session. Of course, for any other questions, feel free to subscribe to… Learn More »

Thanks to all of those who attended our Intro to Graph Databases on Wednesday, July 13. We had a great turnout and LOADS of fantastic questions!Below are answers to all questions posed during the webinar. For any other questions, be… Learn More »

Neo4j 1.4 “Kiruna Stol” GAOver the last three months, we’ve released 6 milestones in our 1.4 series. Today we’re releasing the final Neo4j 1.4 General Availability (GA) package. We’ve seen a whole host of new features going into the product… Learn More »

It’s been just a week since the Neo4j 1.4 M05 release, and though we’re pleased with the way the feature set has evolved, during testing we found a potential corruption bug in that specific milestone.To address that issue, this week… Learn More »

Hi everyone,We’re on the fast track to the next major Neo4j release, “Kiruna Stol”. With today’s milestone, we’ve added some brand new features, some experimental aspects that we’re looking for feedback on, and of course numerous enhancements to everyone’s favorite… Learn More »

Yesterday, I had the great honor to be invited to present Graph Databases and data-local processing at the EDBT in Uppsala. Thanks a lot to Pierre Sennellart, Anastasia Ailamaki and Tore Risch for inviting me to this great event and… Learn More »

Today marks the release of our third milestone (M03) towards the Neo4j 1.3 “Abisko Lampa” release, which is now available for download. It’s been a busy iteration with several parallel streams running covering low-level footprint optimizations through to high-level usability,… Learn More »

Peter NeubauerHi everyone,It’s milestone release time again. For this time, let me just summarize what we’ve been up to the last two weeks, guided by the distant light of Abisko Lampa.First of all, the community (that’s YOU!) has been fantastic… Learn More »

Peter NeubauerHi all, the Neo4j community is proud to release another milestone into the wild – Neo4j 1.2 M06. This time the main effort has been spent in two areas – a more complete REST API, and the first version… Learn More »

Hi there,some time ago I tested the Neo4j graph database as a backend to Qi4j on the Neo FreeRunner. I installed the 2008.09 distribution (Debian and XFCE, OpenJDK or Harmony works, too, but is very slow of course) and FDOM,… Learn More »