Chapter 23. Deprecations

This section outlines deprecations in Neo4j 1.9 in order to help you find a smoother transition path to future versions.

Read operations outside of transactions
In future versions, read operations are only allowed within transactions. This only affects embedded usage, where you can already start to wrap read operations in transactions to be prepared for the future.
Using parameters for index keys in Cypher
Use the keys in verbatim instead. This also makes the execution plan caching more efficient.
The ! and ? property operators in Cypher
In future releases, expressions like = "value" will not fail when a node is encountered without the property, and will instead return null. This is the same behaviour as! = "value", and thus the ! property operator is deprecated and will be removed. Expressions using the ? property operator, such as = "value", are also deprecated. Please use not(has( OR = "value" instead.
Cypher CREATE syntax
The CREATE a={foo:’bar’} syntax has been deprecated. Instead, use CREATE (a {foo:’bar’}).
Graph Matching
The graph-matching component will be removed in future versions.
Plugins will no longer be distributed with Neo4j. Please see individual maintainers about availability. For instance, the source for the Gremlin plugin will be available at:
The Reference Node
With the introduction of Labels in Neo4j 2.0 the Reference Node becomes obsolete and will be removed. Instead, labelled nodes become the well-known starting points in your graph.