Chapter 19. Indexing

Table of Contents

19.1. Introduction
19.2. Create
19.3. Delete
19.4. Add
19.5. Remove
19.6. Update
19.7. Search
19.8. Relationship indexes
19.9. Scores
19.10. Configuration and fulltext indexes
19.11. Extra features for Lucene indexes
19.12. Automatic Indexing

Indexing in Neo4j can be done in two different ways:

  1. The database itself is a natural index consisting of its relationships of different types between nodes. For example a tree structure can be layered on top of the data and used for index lookups performed by a traverser.
  2. Separate index engines can be used, with Apache Lucene being the default backend included with Neo4j.

This chapter demonstrate how to use the second type of indexing, focusing on Lucene.