Chapter 26. High Availability

Table of Contents

26.1. Architecture
26.2. Setup and configuration
26.3. How Neo4j HA operates
26.4. Arbiter Instances
26.5. Upgrading a Neo4j HA Cluster
26.6. High Availability setup tutorial
26.7. REST endpoint for HA status information
26.8. Setting up HAProxy as a load balancer

The High Availability features are only available in the Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

Neo4j High Availability or “Neo4j HA” provides the following two main features:

  1. It enables a fault-tolerant database architecture, where several Neo4j slave databases can be configured to be exact replicas of a single Neo4j master database. This allows the end-user system to be fully functional and both read and write to the database in the event of hardware failure.
  2. It enables a horizontally scaling read-mostly architecture that enables the system to handle more read load than a single Neo4j database instance can handle.