Chapter 22. Deprecations

This section outlines deprecations in Neo4j 2.3.0-M03 or earlier in order to help you find a smoother transition path to future releases.

Cypher ExecutionEngine
There’s no need to use ExecutionEngine anymore. Instead, use the execute methods on GraphDatabaseService. ExecutionEngine and the related classes/interfaces have been deprecated, see the javadocs for details.
Embedded Java API
See Deprecated list in Javadoc.
Graph Matching
The graph-matching component will be removed in future releases.
Windows scripts
The .bat files used to operate the database and tools on Windows are being phased out and will be removed in future releases, in favor of modern, equivalent PowerShell scripts. For more information, see Section 23.3, “Windows PowerShell module”.
STR() function
The STR() function is deprecated from Neo4j version 2.3 and onwards. It may be removed in a future major release.