Chapter 33. Contributing to Neo4j

The Neo4j project is an Open Source effort to bring fast complex data storage and processing to life. Every form of help is highly appreciated by the community - and you are not alone, see Section 33.6, “Contributors”!

One crucial aspect of contributing to the Neo4j project is the Section 33.1, “Contributor License Agreement”.

In short: make sure to sign the CLA and send in the email, or the Neo4j project won’t be able to accept your contribution.

Note that you can contribute to Neo4j also by contributing documentation or giving feedback on the current documentation. Basically, at all the places where you can get help, there’s also room for contributions.

If you want to contribute, there are some good areas to start with, especially for getting in contact with the community, Chapter 32, Community Support.

To document your efforts, we highly recommend to read Section 33.3, “Writing Neo4j Documentation”.