20.1. Introduction

The graph algorithms are found in the neo4j-graph-algo component, which is included in the standard Neo4j download.

For examples, see Section 21.18, “Graph Algorithms” (REST API) and Section 35.10, “Graph Algorithm examples” (embedded database).

For information on how to use neo4j-graph-algo as a dependency with Maven and other dependency management tools, see org.neo4j:neo4j-graph-algo Note that it should be used with the same version of org.neo4j:neo4j-kernel. Different versions of the graph-algo and kernel components are not compatible in the general case. Both components are included transitively by the org.neo4j:neo4j artifact which makes it simple to keep the versions in sync.

The starting point to find and use graph algorithms is GraphAlgoFactory when using the Java Core API.