28.2. How to connect to a Neo4j instance using JMX and JConsole

First, start your embedded database or the Neo4j Server, for instance using

$NEO4j_HOME/bin/neo4j start

Now, start JConsole with


Connect to the process running your Neo4j database instance:

Figure 28.1. Connecting JConsole to the Neo4j Java process

Now, beside the MBeans exposed by the JVM, you will see an org.neo4j section in the MBeans tab. Under that, you will have access to all the monitoring information exposed by Neo4j.

For opening JMX to remote monitoring access, please see Section 28.1, “Adjusting remote JMX access to the Neo4j Server” and the JMX documention. When using Neo4j in embedded mode, make sure to pass the com.sun.management.jmxremote.port=portNum or other configuration as JVM parameters to your running Java process.

Figure 28.2. Neo4j MBeans View