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Domain Model

Each League has multiple *Level*s like playoffs, quarter-finals etc. The levels are ordered: first is playoffs, NEXT is quarter-finals, NEXT is semi-finals and then the next and last one is the finals. The ordering is represented using a linked-list.

A Player can play for more than one team over multiple leagues but can only play for a single team in a given league. This is captured by the PLAYED_IN_FOR_LEAGUE hyperedge between player, team and league using hypernode PlayerTeamLeague . A team can register in a new league with a different name in which case, we want to know what it was PREVIOUSLY_KNOWN_AS.The fact that a player had for a given team (irrespective of which league) is captured by PLAYED_WITH_TEAM between the player and team to simplify the queries.

In each level, Teams are organized into Pools and each pool consists of one or more teams. Each pool has fixtures i.e. the Matches played between two teams, TEAM_A and TEAM_B respectively. Each match is PLAYED_ON a court. Each match has a WINNER, LOSER and a MVP.

A team can have many players but only subset of them, allowed by the game rules (for e.g. only 2 players can play table tennis). This is captured by the TEAM_A_PLAYER and TEAM_B_PLAYER relationships from match to each of the players who played this match.

Each league is PLAYED_AT one or more Venues. Each venue has one or more Courts. The more the courts and venues, the faster we can complete the league.

Each league gives away certain Awards. Awards are AWARDED_TO teams and players. Teams win TEAM_AWARD s and players win INDIVIDUAL_AWARD s.


Let us relaize this model using Volleyball as the sport. This model (with more enhancements) will eventually be used as a database for Atlanta Volleyball League

//Nodes for league 1

CREATE (league:League{ name:'September Volleyball League' })

CREATE (winner:Award { name:'Winner' })
CREATE (runner:Award { name:'Runner' })
CREATE (spiker:Award { name:'Best Spiker' })

//linked list
CREATE (playoffs:Level { name:'Playoffs' })
CREATE (quarters:Level { name:'Quarterfinal' })
CREATE (semis:Level { name:'Semifinal' })
CREATE (final:Level { name:'Final' })

CREATE (oceePark:Venue { name:'Ocee Park' })
CREATE (low:Court { name:'Low Court' })
CREATE (high:Court { name:'High Court' })

CREATE (poolA:Pool { name:'Pool A' })
CREATE (poolAQuarterfinal:Pool { name:'Pool A' })

CREATE (falcons:Team { name:'Falcons' })
CREATE (bob:Player { name:'Bob' })
CREATE (alice:Player { name:'Alice' })

CREATE (broncos:Team { name:'Broncos' })
CREATE (ted:Player { name:'Ted' })
CREATE (carol:Player { name:'Carol' })

CREATE (lakers:Team { name:'Lakers' })
CREATE (paul:Player { name:'Paul' })
CREATE (aravind:Player { name:'Aravind' })
CREATE (rishik:Player { name:'Rishik' })
CREATE (esha:Player { name:'Esha' })

//hyper nodes
CREATE (bobFalconsSeptemberLeague:PlayerTeamLeague { name:'Bob_Falcons_September_League' })
CREATE (aliceFalconsSeptemberLeague:PlayerTeamLeague { name:'Alice_Falcons_September_League' })
CREATE (tedBroncosSeptemberLeague:PlayerTeamLeague { name:'Ted_Broncos_September_League' })
CREATE (carolBroncosSeptemberLeague:PlayerTeamLeague { name:'Carol_Broncos_September_League' })

CREATE (match1:Match { name:'Falcons versus Broncos' })
CREATE (match2:Match { name:'Falcons versus Lakers' })
CREATE (quartersMatch1:Match { name:'Falcons versus Broncos Quarters' })

CREATE league-[:TEAM_AWARD]->winner
CREATE league-[:TEAM_AWARD]->runner

CREATE league-[:PLAYED_AT]->oceePark
CREATE oceePark-[:COURT]->high
CREATE oceePark-[:COURT]->low

CREATE league-[:LEVEL]->playoffs
CREATE playoffs-[:NEXT]->quarters
CREATE quarters-[:NEXT]->semis
CREATE semis-[:NEXT]->final

CREATE playoffs-[:POOL]->poolA
CREATE quarters-[:POOL]->poolAQuarterfinal

CREATE poolA-[:TEAM]->falcons
CREATE poolA-[:TEAM]->broncos
CREATE poolA-[:TEAM]->lakers
CREATE poolAQuarterfinal-[:TEAM]->falcons
CREATE poolAQuarterfinal-[:TEAM]->broncos

CREATE poolA-[:FIXTURE]->match1
CREATE poolA-[:FIXTURE]->match2
CREATE poolAQuarterfinal-[:FIXTURE]->quartersMatch1

//hyper edges
CREATE bob-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->bobFalconsSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->falcons
CREATE bobFalconsSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE alice-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->aliceFalconsSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->falcons
CREATE aliceFalconsSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE ted-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->tedBroncosSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->broncos
CREATE tedBroncosSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE carol-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->carolBroncosSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->broncos
CREATE carolBroncosSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE paul-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->paulLakersSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->lakers
CREATE paulLakersSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE aravind-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->aravindLakersSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->lakers
CREATE aravindLakersSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE rishik-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->rishikLakersSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->lakers
CREATE rishikLakersSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league
CREATE esha-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->eshaLakersSeptemberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->lakers
CREATE eshaLakersSeptemberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->league

//to simplify queries
CREATE alice-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->falcons
CREATE carol-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->broncos
CREATE aravind-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->lakers
CREATE rishik-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->lakers

CREATE falcons-[:CONTESTED_IN]->league
CREATE broncos-[:CONTESTED_IN]->league
CREATE lakers-[:CONTESTED_IN]->league

//falcons versus broncos
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_A]->falcons
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_B]->broncos
CREATE match1-[:WINNER]->falcons
CREATE match1-[:LOSER]->broncos
CREATE match1-[:MVP]->bob
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->bob
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->alice
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->ted
CREATE match1-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->carol
CREATE league-[:PART_OF_LEAGUE]->match1
CREATE match1-[:PLAYED_ON]->high

//falcons versus lakers
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_A]->falcons
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_B]->lakers
CREATE match2-[:WINNER]->falcons
CREATE match2-[:LOSER]->lakers
CREATE match2-[:MVP]->bob
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->bob
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->alice
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->paul
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->aravind
CREATE match2-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->rishik
CREATE league-[:PART_OF_LEAGUE]->match2
CREATE match2-[:PLAYED_ON]->low

//falcons versus broncos quarters
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_A]->falcons
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_B]->broncos
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:WINNER]->falcons
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:LOSER]->broncos
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:MVP]->alice
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->bob
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_A_PLAYER]->alice
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->ted
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:TEAM_B_PLAYER]->carol
CREATE league-[:PART_OF_LEAGUE]->quartersMatch1
CREATE quartersMatch1-[:PLAYED_ON]->high

CREATE winner-[:AWARDED_TO]->falcons
CREATE runner-[:AWARDED_TO]->broncos
CREATE spiker-[:AWARDED_TO]->alice

//Nodes for league 2
CREATE (octLeague:League { name:'October Volleyball League' })

CREATE octLeague-[:TEAM_AWARD]->(winnerOct:Award { name:'Winner' })

//linked list
CREATE octLeague-[:LEVEL]->(playoffsOct:Level { name:'Playoffs' })
CREATE playoffsOct-[:NEXT]->(finalOct:Level { name:'Final' })

CREATE octLeague-[:PLAYED_AT]->(donPark:Venue { name:'Don White Memorial Park' })
CREATE donPark-[:COURT]->(c1:Court { name:'Court 1' })
CREATE donPark-[:COURT]->(c2:Court { name:'Court 2' })

CREATE (megaBytes:Team { name:'MegaBytes' })-[:PREVIOUSLY_KNOWN_AS]->falcons
CREATE (john:Player { name:'John' })-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->megaBytes
CREATE alice-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->megaBytes

//hyper edges
CREATE john-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->johnMegaBytesOctoberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->megaBytes
CREATE johnMegaBytesOctoberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->octLeague
CREATE alice-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->aliceMegaBytesOctoberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->megaBytes
CREATE aliceMegaBytesOctoberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->octLeague

//register full broncos team in october league
CREATE ted-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->tedBroncosOctoberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->broncos
CREATE tedBroncosOctoberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->octLeague
CREATE carol-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->carolBroncosOctoberLeague-[:PLAYED_FOR]->broncos
CREATE carolBroncosOctoberLeague-[:IN_LEAGUE]->octLeague

CREATE winnerOct-[:AWARDED_TO]->broncos

Try other queries yourself!

Running queries, preparing the console!

Use Cases


Get all leagues and venues.

MATCH l:League-[:PLAYED_AT]->v:Venue-[:COURT]->c:Court
RETURN AS League, AS Venue, collect( AS Courts
Loading table...

Get total teams contested by league.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
RETURN COUNT(DISTINCT t) AS TotalTeamsContested, AS League
Loading table...

How many teams participated in a given league?

MATCH t:Team<-[:PLAYED_FOR]-hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN count(DISTINCT t) AS TotalTeamsContested
Loading table...

Get total players participated by league.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
RETURN count(p) AS TotalPlayersContested, AS League
Loading table...

How many players contested in a given league?

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN count(p) AS TotalPlayersContested
Loading table...

How many players contested in a given league, group by Team.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN AS Team, count(p) AS TotalPlayersContested, collect( AS Players
Loading table...

Where was this league organized?

MATCH l:League-[:PLAYED_AT]->v:Venue-[:COURT]->c:Court
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN AS Venue, collect( AS Courts
Loading table...

Get all the levels of a given league in the order they are played.

MATCH p=league:League-[r:LEVEL|NEXT*]->l:Level
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
WITH last(nodes(p)) AS levels
Loading table...

Get the levels of each league.

MATCH p=league:League-[r:LEVEL|NEXT*]->l:Level
WITH last(nodes(p)) AS levels, league
RETURN AS League, COLLECT( AS LevelsInOrder
Loading table...


Get a list of all the players that had ever played for a given team. Simplified by using the played_with_team relationship.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->t:Team WHERE'Falcons'
RETURN p AS Players
Loading table...

Get a list of players for a given team for a given league.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
WHERE'September Volleyball League' AND'Lakers'
RETURN p AS Players
Loading table...

Get all the leagues this team had played in.

MATCH t:Team<-[:PLAYED_FOR]-hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League
Loading table...

How many leagues this team has WON?

MATCH l:League-[:TEAM_AWARD]->a:Award-[:AWARDED_TO]->t:Team
RETURN AS Team, AS Award, count(t) AS TimesWon, AS League
Loading table...

Which levels did this team win through in a given league?

MATCH t:Team<-[:TEAM]-p:Pool<-[:POOL]-l:Level<-[:LEVEL|NEXT*]-league:League
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN AS Team, collect( AS Levels
Loading table...

Get previous names or aliases.

RETURN AS CurrentName, AS PreviousName
Loading table...


How many times part of winning (winner, runner etc) Team.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_FOR_IN_LEAGUE]->hyperEdge-[:PLAYED_FOR]->t:Team, hyperEdge-[:IN_LEAGUE]->l:League, l:League-[:TEAM_AWARD]->a:Award-[:AWARDED_TO]->t:Team
WHERE'Bob' AND'Winner'
RETURN count(t) AS TimesPartOfWinningTeam
Loading table...

Get the co-players of a given player.

MATCH p:Player-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]->t:Team<-[:PLAYED_WITH_TEAM]-coPlayer:Player
RETURN AS Coplayer, AS FromTeam
Loading table...

How many MVP awards are won by the given player?

MATCH p:Player-[:MVP]-m:Match
RETURN count(p) AS TimesWonTheMVPAward
Loading table...


All the awards of a given league.

WHERE'September Volleyball League'
RETURN AS Award, TYPE(r) AS AwardType
Loading table...

Winners of the awards of a given league.

MATCH league:League-[:INDIVIDUAL_AWARD|:TEAM_AWARD]->award:Award-[:AWARDED_TO]->awardee
WHERE'September Volleyball League'
Loading table...

GitHub Project

A complete working example of this domain can be cloned from funpluscharity/avleague. Contact if you want to contribute to this project or has any suggestions on enhancing the model.