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The Royal families generaly have long histories and are often closely related. This citation from wikipedia can give you better idea:

Maternally, Nicholas was the nephew of several monarchs, including King Frederick VIII of Denmark, Queen Alexandra of the United Kingdom (queen consort of King Edward VII), and King George I of Greece. Nicholas, his wife, Alexandra, and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany were all first cousins of King George V of the United Kingdom. Nicholas was also a first cousin of both King Haakon VII and Queen Maud of Norway, as well as King Constantine I of Greece. While not first cousins, Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm II were second cousins, once removed, as each descended from King Frederick William III of Prussia, as well as third cousins, as they were both great-great-grandsons of Emperor Paul I of Russia.

The rulers of Great Britain, Germany and Russia at the beginning of World War I were actually cousins!


Simple family relationships may be represented by following model

Sample data

This sample data set is far from complete but it allows to demonstrate the main point. It contains monarch of Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark and Norway in 18th century.

create (britain {name:"Great Britain"})
create (hanover {name:"Hanover"})
create (denmark {name:"Denmark and Norway"})
create (sweden {name:"Sweden"})

create (houseOfSstuart {name:"House of Stuart"})
create (houseOfHanover {name:"House of Hanover"})
create (houseOfOldenburg {name: "House of Oldenburg"})

create (anne {name:"Anne"})
create (georgeI {name:"George I"})
create (georgeII {name:"George II"})
create (georgeIII {name:"George III"})

create (frederickWales {name:"Frederick"})
create (carolineMatilda {name:"Caroline Matilda"})

create georgeII-[:HAD_SON]->frederickWales
create frederickWales-[:HAD_SON]->georgeIII
create frederickWales-[:HAD_DAUGHTER]->carolineMatilda

create anne-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfSstuart
create anne-[:REIGNED]->britain

create georgeI-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfHanover
create georgeI-[:SUCCEEDED]->anne
create georgeI-[:REIGNED]->britain

create georgeII-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfHanover
create georgeII-[:SUCCEEDED]->georgeI
create georgeII-[:REIGNED]->britain
create georgeII-[:REIGNED]->hanover

create georgeIII-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfHanover
create georgeIII-[:SUCCEEDED]->georgeII
create georgeIII-[:REIGNED]->britain
create georgeIII-[:REIGNED]->hanover

create (frederickIV {name:"Frederick IV"})
create (christianVI {name:"Christian VI"})
create (frederickV {name:"Frederick V"})
create (christianVII {name:"Christian VII"})

create frederickIV-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfOldenburg
create frederickIV-[:REIGNED]->denmark

create christianVI-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfOldenburg
create christianVI-[:REIGNED]->denmark
create christianVI-[:SUCCEEDED]->frederickIV

create frederickV-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfOldenburg
create frederickV-[:REIGNED]->denmark
create frederickV-[:SUCCEEDED]->christianVI

create christianVII-[:MEMBER_OF]->houseOfOldenburg
create christianVII-[:REIGNED]->denmark
create christianVII-[:SUCCEEDED]->frederickV

create christianVII-[:MARRIED]-carolineMatilda

create (louise {name:"Louise of Great Britain"})
create georgeII-[:HAD_DAUGHTER]->louise
create frederickV-[:MARRIED]-louise

create (sophia {name: "Sophia Magdalena"})
create louise-[:HAD_DAUGHTER]->sophia
create frederickV-[:HAD_DAUGHTER]->sophia

create (charlesII {name:"Charles XII"})
create (ulrika {name:"Ulrika Eleonora"})
create (frederick {name:"Frederick I"})
create (adolfF {name:"Adolf Frederick"})
create (gustavIII {name:"Gustav_III_of_Sweden"})
create (gustavIV {name:"Gustav IV Adolf"})

create charlesII<-[:SUCEEDED]-ulrika
create ulrika<-[:SUCEEDED]-frederick
create frederick<-[:SUCEEDED]-adolfF
create adolfF<-[:SUCEEDED]-gustavIII
create gustavIII<-[:SUCEEDED]-gustavIV

create charlesII-[:REIGNED]->sweden
create ulrika-[:REIGNED]->sweden
create frederick-[:REIGNED]->sweden
create adolfF-[:REIGNED]->sweden
create gustavIII-[:REIGNED]->sweden
create gustavIV-[:REIGNED]->sweden

create gustavIII-[:MARRIED]-sophia

Country relations

How were the countries related through royal families?

START c1=node(*),c2=node(*)
MATCH path =(c1<-[:REIGNED]-r1-[:HAD_DAUGHTER|MARRIED*0..]-r2-[:REIGNED]->c2)
WHERE"Great Britain" AND = 'Denmark and Norway'
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There are also other posibilities to query.


This query will get all successors on the throne

start anne=node(*)
match anne<-[:SUCCEEDED*0..]-suc
return suc


This retrieves just one predecessor.

start g=node(*)
match g-[:SUCCEEDED]->pre
where"George II"
return pre


  • index names for better performance

  • crawl wikipedia (or wikidata) to get comprehensive database