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A product catalog is a collection of products, their categories, manufacturers with their pricing information. Products can be sold separately, included in one or more catalogs or used as substitute products

You can perform the following operations on a product: Create, Update, Delete (Not recommended, deactivate instead), Deactivate (We should deactivate products that are no longer available instead of deleting them, because they are included in past orders, quotes, or opportunities.), Search etc.

A store organizes its Products OF_TYPE Category into one or more Catalogs. A Catalog thus becomes a hierarchy of Categories. A Category can be PARENT of one or more child categories. This lending itself naturally to be modeled as a graph. Each Product and Category can have distinct set of attributes than others which also fit nicely into property graph model (otherwise would require a EAV - Entity Attribute Value relational model).

A Product can be SUBSTITUTE_FOR another Product. A product can have one or more MODELs, each model has PRICING associated with it. This is not a complete solution for all the product catalog use cases but provides a good starting point. I will slowly keep modelling more use cases.


The sample data set uses Bicycle catalog.

CREATE (summerCatalog:Catalog{ name:'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog' })

CREATE (bikes:Category { name:'Bikes' })
CREATE (accessories:Category { name:'Accessories' })
CREATE bikes-[:PARENT]->summerCatalog
CREATE accessories-[:PARENT]->summerCatalog

CREATE (roadBikes:Category { name:'Road Bikes' })
CREATE (kidsBikes:Category { name:'Kids Bikes' })
CREATE roadBikes-[:PARENT]->bikes
CREATE kidsBikes-[:PARENT]->bikes

CREATE (roadWindBike:Product { name:'Road Wind Bike' })
CREATE (chargeMixerBike:Product { name:'2013 Charge Mixer Street Road Bike' })
CREATE (schwinnSlickerBike:Product { name:'2013 Schwinn Slicker Flat Bar Road Bike' })
CREATE (fujiDeclarationBike:Product { name:'2013 Fuji Declaration Single Speed City Bike' })
CREATE (schwinn4Bike:Product { name:'2013 Schwinn 4 One One 1 Urban Bike' })
CREATE (kidsRoadBike:Product { name:'Kids Road Bike' })
CREATE (kidsMountainBike:Product { name:'Kids Mountain Bike' })

CREATE roadWindBike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE kidsRoadBike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE kidsRoadBike-[:OF_TYPE]->kidsBikes
CREATE chargeMixerBike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE schwinnSlickerBike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE fujiDeclarationBike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE schwinn4Bike-[:OF_TYPE]->roadBikes
CREATE kidsMountainBike-[:OF_TYPE]->kidsBikes

CREATE (cityBikes:Category { name:'City Bikes' })
CREATE (enduranceBikes:Category { name:'Endurance Bikes' })
CREATE cityBikes-[:PARENT]->roadBikes
CREATE enduranceBikes-[:PARENT]->roadBikes

CREATE (singleSpeedBike:Product { name:'Single Speed Bike' })
CREATE (fujiGrandBike:Product { name:'Fuji Grand Fando' })
CREATE singleSpeedBike-[:OF_TYPE]->cityBikes
CREATE fujiGrandBike-[:OF_TYPE]->enduranceBikes

CREATE (schwinn:Manufacturer{ name:'Schwinn' })
CREATE (fuji:Manufacturer{ name:'Fuji' })
CREATE (charge:Manufacturer{ name:'Charge Bikes' })

CREATE chargeMixerBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->charge
CREATE kidsMountainBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->charge
CREATE schwinnSlickerBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->schwinn
CREATE schwinn4Bike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->schwinn
CREATE singleSpeedBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->schwinn
CREATE fujiDeclarationBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->fuji
CREATE roadWindBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->fuji
CREATE kidsRoadBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->fuji
CREATE fujiGrandBike-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]->fuji

CREATE roadWindBike-[:SUBSTITUTE_FOR]->singleSpeedBike

CREATE (small:Model {type:"Small", height:52, weight:23.98 })
CREATE (large:Model {type:"Large", height:56, weight:15.23 })

CREATE fujiDeclarationBike-[:MODEL]->small
CREATE fujiDeclarationBike-[:MODEL]->large

CREATE (smallPrice:Price {list: 1200, retail: 1100, validFrom:1380584607035, validUntil:1414641600000})
CREATE (largePrice:Price {list: 1250, retail: 1150, validFrom:1380584607035, validUntil:1414641600000})

CREATE small-[:PRICING]->smallPrice
CREATE large-[:PRICING]->largePrice

Try other queries yourself!

Running queries, preparing the console!

Use Cases

All catalogs

MATCH c:Catalog RETURN AS Catalogs
Loading table...
== All categories by Depth
MATCH p=cats:Category-[:PARENT|PARENT*]->cat:Catalog
WHERE'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog'
Loading table...

All categories of a given level

MATCH p=cats:Category-[:PARENT*]->cat:Catalog
WHERE'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog' AND length(p)=1
RETURN AS CategoriesOfGivenLevel
ORDER BY CategoriesOfGivenLevel
Loading table...
== All sub-categories of a given category
MATCH p=cats:Category-[:PARENT]->parentCat:Category, parentCat-[:PARENT*]->c:Catalog
WHERE'Road Bikes' AND'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog'
RETURN collect( AS SubCategories
Loading table...
== All Parent and their child categories
MATCH p=child:Category-[:PARENT*]->parent
RETURN, collect(
Loading table...
== All parent and their IMMEDIATE children
MATCH p=child:Category-[:PARENT*]->parent
WHERE length(relationships(p))=1
RETURN labels(parent),, collect(
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== All products of a given category
MATCH p:Product-[:OF_TYPE]->c:Category
WHERE'Road Bikes'

Running low on inventory? Recommend another substitute.

MATCH p:Product-[:SUBSTITUTE_FOR]->other:Product
WHERE"Single Speed Bike"
Loading table...

Get various models of the selected product

MATCH p:Product-[:MODEL]->m:Model
WHERE"2013 Fuji Declaration Single Speed City Bike"
RETURN p AS Modles
Loading table...

All Categories and their Products of a given catalog

MATCH p:Product-[:OF_TYPE]->c:Category-[:PARENT*]->ctl:Catalog
WHERE'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog'
RETURN AS Category, collect( AS Products
Loading table...

Time to get the shipping and pricing info so as to calculate the total price to be charged

MATCH p:Product-[:MODEL]->m:Model-[:PRICING]->price:Price
WHERE"2013 Fuji Declaration Single Speed City Bike" AND m.type="Large" AND price.validFrom <= timestamp() AND price.validUntil >= timestamp()
RETURN price.list AS ListPrice, price.retail AS RetailPrice, m.height AS Height, m.weight AS Weight
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== All the categories of a given product in the given catalog
MATCH p:Product-[:OF_TYPE]->c:Category-[:PARENT*]->ctl:Catalog
WHERE'Kids Road Bike' AND'Summer Outdoor Bicycle Catalog'
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Manufacturers and their products

MATCH m:Manufacturer<-[:MANUFACTURED_BY]-p:Product
RETURN AS Manufacturer, collect( AS Products
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