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This GraphGist represents a mobile application backend helping users to find adequate drugs and specialists given their physical characteristics, location and current symptoms.

Our resulting model

Figure 1. DoctorFinder model
(_6:DRUG_CLASS  {name:"Bronchodilators"}),
(_7:DRUG_CLASS  {name:"Corticosteroids"}),
(_8:DRUG_CLASS  {name:"Xanthine"}),
(_9:DRUG  {name:"Salbutamol"}),
(_10:DRUG  {name:"Terbutaline"}),
(_11:DRUG  {name:"Bambuterol"}),
(_12:DRUG  {name:"Formoterol"}),
(_13:DRUG  {name:"Salmeterol"}),
(_14:DRUG  {name:"Beclometasone"}),
(_15:DRUG  {name:"Budesonide"}),
(_16:DRUG  {name:"Ciclesonide"}),
(_17:DRUG  {name:"Fluticasone"}),
(_18:DRUG  {name:"Mometasone"}),
(_19:DRUG  {name:"Betametasone"}),
(_20:DRUG  {name:"Prednisolone"}),
(_21:DRUG  {name:"Dilatrane"}),
(_22:ALLERGY  {name:"Hypersensitivity to Betametasone"}),
(_23:PATHOLOGY  {name:"Asthma"}),
(_24:SYMPTOM  {name:"Wheezing"}),
(_25:SYMPTOM  {name:"Chest tightness"}),
(_26:SYMPTOM  {name:"Cough"}),
(_27:DOCTOR  {latitude:48.8573,longitude:2.35685,name:"Irving Matrix"}),
(_28:DOCTOR  {latitude:46.83144,longitude:-71.28454,name:"Jack McKee"}),
(_29:DOCTOR  {latitude:48.86982,longitude:2.32503,name:"Michaela Quinn"}),
(_30:DOCTOR_SPECIALIZATION  {name:"Physician"}),
(_31:DOCTOR_SPECIALIZATION  {name:"Angiologist"}),
_6-[:CURES {age_max:60,age_min:18,indication:"Adult asthma"}]->_23,
_7-[:CURES {age_max:18,age_min:5,indication:"Child asthma"}]->_23,
_8-[:CURES {age_max:60,age_min:18,indication:"Adult asthma"}]->_23,
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From VIDAL with ♥ (Suzanne, Nicolas, Édouard, Marouane, Sébastian, Thibaut, Olivier, Sylvain, Florent (aka Cypher translator)).

User stories

Symptom autocompletion

As an application user, When I start typing my symptoms

Then matching symptoms are returned in alphabetical order.


User types 'c'.

RETURN AS `Symptom`
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For simplicity’s sake, this query will not be included in the following examples. However, it would definitely be the first clause of each (as user types only symptom starts). Subsequent queries will assume symptom names were resolved by this first sub-query.

Drug advisor

As an application user, When I start typing my symptoms

Then adequate drugs are returned, grouped by their therapeutic class.

An adequate drug cures illnesses that can appear with my symptoms, Whose dose does not provoke an allergy I suffer from And which is indicated for my age.


Current user is a 35-year old man, manifesting wheezing and chest tightness, suffering from hypersensitivity to Betametasone allergy.

We expect all drugs of class Bronchodilators (Betametasone drug excluded, because of the aforementioned allergy) and Xanthine to appear as they are the only therapeutic classes suitable for adults in our dataset.

WHERE IN ['Chest tightness', 'Wheezing']
WITH		patho

MATCH		(drug_class:DRUG_CLASS)-[cures:CURES]->(patho)
WHERE		cures.age_min <= 35 AND 35 < cures.age_max
WITH		drug_class

MATCH 		(drug:DRUG)-[:BELONGS_TO_CLASS]->(drug_class), (allergy:ALLERGY)
WHERE IN ['Hypersensitivity to Betametasone']
AND		(NOT (drug)-[:MAY_CAUSE_ALLERGY]->(allergy))
RETURN AS `Therapeutic class`, COLLECT(DISTINCT AS `Drugs`;
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Doctor finder

As an application user, When I start typing my symptoms

Then the doctors who (ahah!) can prescribe adequate drugs are returned with these drugs, ordered by proximity.

See definition above for what 'adequate drugs' mean.

If drugs can be purchased without prescription, the mention 'No doctor required' for these drugs should be returned, with a distance to user home of 0.


Current user is a 19-year old woman, manifesting cough, suffering from hypersensitivity to Betametasone allergy and living at '14, rue de Bruxelles 75009 PARIS, FRANCE' (latitude:48.88344, longitude:2.33180).

We expect all angiologists to be returned as the drugs they can prescribe can cure illnesses related to the user symptom.

Moreover, drugs of class Xanthine do not require a prescription and they can cure the same kind of illnesses as well.

WHERE IN ['Cough']
WITH		patho

MATCH		(drug_class:DRUG_CLASS)-[cures:CURES]->(patho)
WHERE		cures.age_min <= 19 AND 19 < cures.age_max
WITH		drug_class

MATCH 		(drug:DRUG)-[:BELONGS_TO_CLASS]->(drug_class), (allergy:ALLERGY)
WHERE IN ['Hypersensitivity to Betametasone']
AND		(NOT (drug)-[:MAY_CAUSE_ALLERGY]->(allergy))
WITH		drug_class, drug

RETURN		COALESCE( + ' (' + + ')', 'No doctor required') AS `Doctor`, COLLECT(DISTINCT AS `Drugs for your symptoms`, 2 * 6371 * asin(sqrt(haversin(radians(48.88344 - COALESCE(doctor.latitude,48.88344))) + cos(radians(48.88344)) * cos(radians(COALESCE(doctor.latitude,90)))* haversin(radians(2.33180 - COALESCE(doctor.longitude,2.33180))))) AS `Distance to home (km)`
ORDER BY	`Distance to home (km)` ASC;
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As obfuscated as it looks, the distance computation is just a null-safe variant of the haversin formula explained in Cypher manual (indeed, there are drugs that do not require a doctor prescription).