Neo4j 1.9.M05 released – wrapping up

Hi all,We are very proud to announce the next milestone of the Neo4j 1.9 release cycle. This time, we have been trying to introduce as few big changes as possible and instead concentrate on things that make the production environment… Learn More »


New GraphConnect winner from SV Java User Group Meetup

Hi yall,I’m back! With another meetup winner of GraphConnect passes. A couple of weeks ago, GraphConnect sponsored the Silicon Valley Java User Group, where about 200 attendees showed up for a discussion about REST API’s at Google HQ in Mountain… Learn More »


Modeling categories in a graph database

Storing hierarchical data can be a pain when using the wrong tools. However, the Neo4j open source graph database is a good fit to this kind of problems, and this post will show you an example of how it can… Learn More »


Holiday fun with Neo4j

Looking for something fun to do during the holidays? Here are a few suggestions for some new cool Neo4j things that you can play around with.A very recent addition to the Neo4j space is the JRuby library Neo4jr-social by Matthew… Learn More »


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