Analyst Perspective on Graph Databases and Neo4j AuraDS

Earlier this month, Ventana Research’s analyst Matt Aslett shared his perspective on graph databases and Neo4j’s new fully managed graph data science offering in the cloud, AuraDS.

Ventana Research is the leading benchmark research and advisory services firm that combines decades of knowledge, unique primary research, and rigorous market coverage to help organizations gain insights into technology providers.

Matt specializes in operational and analytical uses of data. He studies how enterprises can modernize their approaches to business to accelerate the value realization of technology investments in support of hybrid and multi-cloud architecture.

He had recently explained how modern intelligent applications call for new functionalities and advised organizations to keep an eye on the NoSQL options. Graph databases, in particular, are not only well suited for operational use cases but also enable real-time analytics through graph data science, from anomaly and fraud detection to optimized routing and personalized recommendations.

“The delivery of Neo4j Graph Data Science was designed to ensure that data scientists could use the data stored in graph databases to facilitate the development of predictive and prescriptive analytics models without needing to extract it into an external data science platform.”
– Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director of Ventana Research

He also assessed Neo4j’s cloud offerings for graph database AuraDB and graph data science AuraDS.

“The advantage of AuraDS over Neo4j Graph Data Science is the ability to consume the functionality as a managed service with elastic scalability and automated provisioning, upgrades, updates, and backups.” – Matt Aslett, VP & Research Director of Ventana Research

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