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About Brian Underwood, Neo4j Advocate

Brian Underwood wants challenges that give him a chance to make the world kinder, simpler and more interesting. If you can give those challenges to him, you’ll be his new best friend. He loves what he made and the tools he used to make, but his pleasure comes more in the making and the learning of the new. He wants to make useful things that are bold, creative, and beautiful. He wants to make things that have never before existed.

Latest Posts by Brian Underwood

Neolytics: Analyzing Ruby Code with Neo4j

For a long time I’ve been wanting to use Neo4j as a tool to analyze Ruby code. Using Ruby for almost a decade, I have a lot of experience with effectively finding my way around Ruby code. Still, Ruby programs… Read more →

GraphStarter: Get Your Neo4j Rails App Up and Running Quickly

For a while now, I’ve been building various Neo4j.rb educational resources using the example of an asset portal. There have been: A screencast series (the first half and a second half) A SitePoint article on building recommendations and access control… Read more →

Using Graph Structure Record Linkage on Irish Census Data with Neo4j

For just over a year I’ve been obsessed on-and-off with a project ever since I stayed in the town of Skibbereen, Ireland. Taking data from the 1901 and 1911 Irish censuses, I hoped I would be able to find a… Read more →

New Screencasts: Advanced Ruby on Rails with Neo4j

If there are two things that I enjoy most in my technical life it would be Neo4j and Ruby. Both give me the one thing I want most from the tools I use: the ability to abstract out the tedious… Read more →