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Kamille Nixon provides marketing savvy and thought leadership about the positive impact of good technology design on business goals. Prior to this, Kamille identified through original research the trend that data governance would become a major market force in systems architecture and data modeling. She guided a leading database tools company to successfully tailor its offering for data governance before the rest of the market recognized the trend.

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Catch this week’s 5-Minute Interview with Tim Williamson, Data Scientist at Monsanto, on

The 5-Minute Interview: Tim Williamson, Data Scientist, Monsanto

For this week's 5-Minute Interview, I sat down with Tim Williamson, a Data Scientist at Monsanto. I interviewed Tim at GraphConnect San Francisco after his popular presentation: "Graphs Are Feeding the World." Tell us a little bit about your role and your current project with Neo4j at... read more

Catch This Week’s 5-Minute Interview with Scott David of the World Economic Forum

The 5-Minute Interview: Scott David, World Economic Forum

This week’s 5-minute interview is with Scott David, the Director of Information Interaction at the World Economic Forum. I caught up with Scott David for a video interview at GraphConnect San Francisco. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dO1UHr-lzzw Q: Please tell us a little bit about... read more

The Telenor Data Model for Identity and Access Management

How Telenor Harnessed Neo4j for Competitive Advantage in IAM

Telenor Norway is the largest supplier of Norway’s telecommunications and data services, but they had run into a major data growth problem. With a growing number of subscriptions, their older identity and access management (IAM) system couldn’t handle the provisioning of data for their... read more

Learn How eBay Achieved Competitive Advantage in the Same-Time Delivery Space by Using Neo4j

eBay’s Competitive Advantage in Same-Day Delivery Using Neo4j

From toys and ties, to slippers and iPhones, eBay is a major e-commerce hub. But with other online retailers offering same-day delivery (such as Amazon Prime or Google Express), eBay knew it needed to step up its game with a same-day delivery service of its own. That’s when eBay acquired... read more

Learn How Walmart Used Neo4j to Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage via Recommendations

How Walmart Uses Neo4j for Retail Competitive Advantage

In a little over 50 years, Walmart grew from a small, family-owned business to become the world’s largest public corporation, with over 2 million employees and annual revenues of $470 billion. But Walmart didn’t just become the world’s largest retailer by chance. Rather, they understood... read more

Learn How Gamesys Used Neo4j to Achieve Competitive Advantage by Tracking Player Relationships

How Gamesys Harnessed Neo4j for Competitive Advantage

Gamesys is the largest cash and social gaming operator in UK and Europe, created the world’s first cash gaming application on Facebook. With games like Jackpotjoy, Instant Slots and Here Be Monsters, the company features online bingo, slots and casino games. Combined, their web properties... read more

Learn More about How to Achieve Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Connected Data Applications

The Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Connected Data

As data sizes and customer expectations accelerate at lightning speed, how can your business achieve sustainable competitive advantage? By unlocking the value of data relationships – in both new and reimagined applications – your enterprise can easily improve performance, simplify... read more

Learn about the Sustainable Competitive Advantage of Graph Databases

How Graph Databases Ensure Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Where does sustainable competitive advantage come from? It’s not from data volume or velocities, but from the knowledge of data relationships. Even three years ago, you may not have given your database choice much thought – after all, if you had a crack team of database professionals... read more

Learn How Graph Databases Are Being Used for the Greater Global Good in This GraphConnect Preview

Graph Databases for the Greater Global Good [GraphConnect Preview]

As we put the finishing touches on the GraphConnect San Francisco agenda, I’ve noticed a heart-warming trend I’d like to share with you. Several of the speakers scheduled for the conference on October 21st will describe how they use graph database technology to make the world a better place.... read more