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Utpal Bhatt

VP of Global Marketing (former)

Utpal Bhatt is the former head of global marketing for the Neo4j team.

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Learn from Forrester Research on the state of the graph database technology vendor landscape

Forrester Research: Graph Databases Vendor Landscape [Free Report]

In 2015, analyst firm Forrester Research published a vendor landscape report on the state of graph databases. It included a few graph technology vendors, several graph use cases and described Neo4j as the "most popular graph database." Since then, graph database technology has come a long... read more

Learn about how Neo4j is used for a 360-view of customer experience in the financial services sector

Financial Services & Neo4j: 360-Degree View of Customer Experience

Customer expectations are rising at a time when customer service is a significant differentiator within the financial services industry. Customers expect companies to deliver personalized service – i.e., an end-to-end customer experience – that reflects an understanding of who they are,... read more

Learn about how Neo4j graph technology is used for cybersecurity in the financial services sector

Financial Services & Neo4j: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is of critical importance to financial services firms. IT organizations must mitigate cybersecurity risk, both in terms of external access to the infrastructure and in understanding how a malware infection or attack can move across a particular network. These efforts are made... read more

Learn about how Neo4j is used for identity and access management in the financial services sector

Financial Services & Neo4j: Identity & Access Management

Within the IT organization of any financial services enterprise, identity and entitlements management must be managed to minimize risk. Over time, the centralized entitlements structure – whether represented in Active Directory or an LDAP directory – grows in such a way that people end up... read more

Learn about how Neo4j is used for network and IT infrastructure monitoring in financial services

Financial Services & Neo4j: Network & IT Infrastructure Monitoring

Discovering, capturing and making sense of complex interdependencies is central to managing IT infrastructure more effectively, and it is also a critical part of running the businesses IT serves. Whether it’s optimizing a network or an application infrastructure, managing change or providing... read more

Learn about the Neo4j graph database for anti-money laundering in the financial services sector

Financial Services & Neo4j: Anti-Money Laundering

Reducing the risk of money laundering presents a similar challenge to that of fraud detection when it comes to today's financial services landscape. Firms need to know where funds come from and where they are headed, but criminals use indirection to make it difficult to follow money from one... read more

Learn about using the Neo4j graph database for fraud detection in this financial services series

Financial Services & Neo4j: Fraud Detection

Identifying and stopping fraudulent activity is harder than ever for financial services organizations. Standard anti-fraud technologies — such as a deviation from normal purchasing patterns — use discrete data. This is useful for catching individual criminals acting alone, but discrete... read more

Learn about using Neo4j for data lineage and metadata management in this financial services series

Financial Services & Neo4j: Data Lineage & Metadata Management

Regulatory compliance requires financial services firms to have visibility into data lineage, information and process flows. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), for example, requires public firms to understand who has access to what data, what data resides in which systems, and how data flows across the... read more

Learn more about using Neo4j for financial asset graphs in this series on Neo4j & financial services

Financial Services & Neo4j: Financial Asset Graphs

In today’s regulatory environment, financial services firms are beginning to experience the impact of graph databases across a number of functions ranging from fighting financial crimes, preventing and responding to cyber threats and ensuring regulatory compliance. Meanwhile, as the... read more

Read this Bloor Research product sheet with a vendor-neutral analysis of the Neo4j graph database

Bloor Research Publishes Vendor-Neutral Analysis of Neo4j

There are a million technologies competing for your attention, and sometimes it's hard to weed out the marketing fluff from real product talk. That's why we've decided to take a moment, step out of the way, and give you access to what vendor-neutral analysts have to say about the Neo4j graph... read more

Learn from this virtual panel how graph databases will power the Internet of Things (IoT)

How Will Graph Technology Propel the Internet of Things? [Virtual Panel]

The Internet of Things (IoT) is undoubtedly one of the greatest growing tides in technology today. The IoT sector is set to revolutionize everything from home appliances and self-driving cars to building management and smart farming. And while consumer-oriented IoT devices and applications... read more

Top 5 Reasons to Attend GraphConnect 2014

GraphConnect is just around the corner, and time is running out to register! With the conference in sight, Utpal Bhatt, Vice President of Marketing for Neo Technology, gave us his top five reasons to attend the world's only conference on graph databases and applications. For more information on... read more