Today we’ve released the 1.3 GA (General Availability) version of the popular open source graph database Neo4j. As well as a slew of new features and improvements, we’re thrilled to announce that the community edition is now entirely GPLv3 licensed!

For more information about why we’re changing license, please see our posting on license changes.

What’s in 1.3?

Aside from the license changes, we’ve added so much cool stuff to Neo4j 1.3 over the course of the last 5 milestone releases. Here’s a taste of some of the features that we really love:

Supersize me!

Each database can now contain 32 billion nodes/relationships and up to 64 billion properties. That’s enough to usefully store Earth’s population for a while to come.
Warning: this requires specific action, to upgrade your database from 1.2 to 1.3. See more in the Neo4j manual.

Unsupersize me!

The database footprint has been reduced, thanks to an new storage strategy for common short strings (e.g. zip codes). For many data sets, this results in dramatically smaller files on disk and a bonus performance bump.

What you graph is what you see (WYGIWYS)

The completely revamped Webadmin tool looks stunning and is much more usable, with a new integrated visual data browser that lets you jump into and explore a pictorial representation of the graph from any Webadmin screen in just a click!

Developers, developers, developers

Our graph database gives developers a natural way to persist complex data. This release includes even more power without compromising ease of use:

  • We’ve added Dijkstra algorithm for finding shortest paths to our library of graph algorithms.
  • Our APIs have undergone a spring clean with improvements to the traversal framework and a new, improved look for the indexing API and the underlying implementation (which sadly means old indexes will have to be rebuilt, but it’s worth it!).
  • RESTafarians will be pleased to know we now support advanced index queries through our REST API, and we’ve separated out the server plugin API so building server plugins requires a minimal set of dependencies.

Neo4j Products

As we’ve mentioned, Neo4j Community is now available under the GPLv3. For other deployments where you have greater needs around management or availability, we’re launching two new commercial products: Advanced and Enterprise.
Here’s a breakdown of how the product family is structured:

  • Community: All the core features of Neo4j embedded and server including the fully ACID transactional graph database engine (available under the GPL or commercial license for OEM)
  • Advanced: Everything from the community edition plus management features and additional support services (available under the APGL or a commercial license)
  • Enterprise: Everything from the Advanced edition plus High Availability features and even more support services (available under the APGL or a commercial license)
Both Neo4j Advanced and Enterprise are dual licensed under the AGPL or a commercial license, meaning that you can continue to be free and open source, or choose a commercial license that meets your needs. If you’re super-keen, you can read all the details, including typical usage scenarios, here.

Free Beer!

To celebrate the release of Neo4j 1.3, we’re hosting release parties in several cities around the globe! We’ll get Neo4j speakers to (almost) all the events to provide an overview of Neo4j 1.3, and for all the release parties we’ll be covering the bar tab!
So come along and enjoy the free (as in speech) Neo4j 1.3 release, and the free (as in beer) beer! The release parties will be happening here:
Don’t forget the Neo4j Graphistas Map – look for flags that indicate meetup locations.

Download it!

As always, pre-built binaries are available for download on the download page. For the source code visit our github repo.

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Well done folks! Awesome work.

Stephan Hagemann says:

Congratulations! Keep it up!

Adriano says:

Nicely done! Congratulations

Cool news! Do I need to reserve for Berlin?

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