Hi graphistas,

A while ago I announced that Neo4j is putting a lot of effort into helping the Neo4j community prosper. This is not just empty talk.

We’re more than happy to announce that from now on, a dedicated team (with mainly Peter, Andreas Kollegger and Michael Hunger) will take care of you, the awesome Neo4j community and the Graph Database and NOSQL users at large. It has taken off in 2011 and will continue to do so in 2012 , so join the party!

We want to take an organized and transparent approach to this, so for your information, we are working on a number of programs including:

    • Community Contributors: Engage active contributors for stronger participation
    • Community Issues: Respond to community issues and bugs in a timely manner
    • Community Response: Respond to discussions in all channels
    • Community Onboarding: Make learning, installing and using Neo4j easier
    • Community Mindshare: Engage in the broader NOSQL community
We are just getting started with these efforts, so please bear with us. We’ll start small and continually improve, revisit and iterate.

One of our main goals is to make Neo4j more community friendly, especially for people just getting started with NOSQL, graph databases or Neo4j (but also for you, the power users). Please let us know where you are experiencing any issues with Neo4j, and what we can do to improve it (there is a comment section below ;).

We are also going to begin virtual hangouts once a week in a Neo4j Cuddle Room that will include whiteboard sharing, voice and audio/video. This will allow us to share cool projects, provide feedback and just hang out. Stay tuned for the exact day and time, and we hope to see you there!

We really need you to help us to make this a global movement, and we are thrilled to see what is happening. If you feel you want to be part of this, please contact us and we will make sure to get you to improve your karma via Neo4j, Graphs and NOSQL code contributions, blog content and speaking engagements. And we have Cookies.

Thanks a lot for your time, and Happy New Year!

Peter, Andreas and Michael



Findings says:

Peter, Andreas and Michael,<br /><br />Hello guys, I really think these are great programs initiatives.<br /><br />I might suggest another program to include: Neo4j working in conjunction with another technology. Like Spring framework, Spring Data Neo4j and Spring Roo.<br /><br /><br />I am particular interested on subjects like: Program Solving, Out-of-Box Solutions, Simple-but-no-Simpler and

George says:

Peter and Andreas have already been very helpful to me in getting started with Neo4j.<br /><br />Thanks guys!

Hello, saw on Engine Yard blog that Neo4J own Andreas Kolleger would give a talk about using Neo4j in a Ruby app. I&#39;ll be unable to attend (being, well, in Europe), but as a user of both Ruby and Neo4j (to this time in different projects), I would be most interested. Will the slides or presentation be available somewhere ?<br /><br />Thanks a lot for the great work,<br /><br />Martin Van Aken

Hatim says:

I think this is a very positive step. Neo4j has been going strong but having a vibrant community acts as a catalyst. <br /><br />I would love to see a http://community-demos.neo4j.org gallary of sample apps on a Neo4j community site, with links to github accounts (some thing which could be hosted at cloud providers by the authors them selves or by Neo4j). Such curated list would help people &

@Findings Those are great blog posts about Neo4j, thanks for them. Let us know when you post another and we&#39;ll be happy to promote it. <br /><br />Cheers,<br />Andreas

@George Glad we could get you going. Cheers!

@Martin Yes, I&#39;ll be there next week! I will make the slides available online and will follow up with a blog post covering the same material.

@Hatim Those are good ideas. We&#39;re looking into presenting current real-world use cases and more live example projects. We&#39;re considering some ideas in partnership with Heroku. Do you have a project that we could showcase?

Hatim says:

@Andreas<br />I am working (admittedly and shamefully slowly) towards a blog engine which is entirely built on Neo4j and spring roo. I think i will just go with Spring Data Graph (and not wait for the roo addon to update). There is nothing graph oriented about a blog but it will be a good exercise and show case that Neo4j can carter for many use cases.

You may not know super a lot about your competitors or this may be too much effort, but as someone thinking about using neo4j, it would be helpful for me if you contrasted neo4j against alternative graph DB&#39;s.

java example says:

Indeed its very positive and helpful steps. community support was key to success for large adoption of Spring and Java. Thank you guys

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