We’re Expanding the Neo4j Startup Program: Now More Entrepreneurs Get Neo4j Enterprise Edition & Neo4j Bloom – for Free

Last year, the Neo4j Startup Program provided free access to Neo4j Enterprise clusters to over 650 startups with less than 20 employees. We’ve now significantly expanded the program to support much larger organizations, with up to 50 employees!

We’ve also made it easier to apply to the program and manage your membership – and we’re now providing licenses for Neo4j Bloom graph visualization.

Neo4j Bloom is now included as part of the Neo4j Startup Program.

Why Neo4j?

Whether you’re building the latest biotechnology, innovating in marketing automation or building a knowledge graph of your manufacturing supply chain, the Neo4j Startup Program provides an ACID-compliant graph database to power your applications. If your JOINs are slowing to a crawl on your highly-connected dataset, Neo4j helps speed up your application and eliminate a lot of headaches.

We have 300+ enterprise customers, and the Startup Program itself has notable alumni, including Medium, Shutl (acquired by eBay), SOUQ (acquired by Amazon), OneFineStay (acquired by Accor Hotels), Sensity Systems (acquired by Verizon) and LendingClub.

Learn more about the expanded edition of the Neo4j Startup Program.

Fran Scorer, Business Director at Quander, explained how they leverage their Neo4j Startup Program membership to immerse consumers in data-driven brand experiences:

“Having access to Neo4j Enterprise Edition enables a multitude of essential functions at Quander. Neo4j allows us to customize communications with event attendees, adapt to customer behavior in real time by deploying staff to hot spots and adjust programming on the fly. Using Neo4j, we analyze customer demographics and engagement to ensure our customers get smarter and more effective with their event marketing over time. We have also been using Neo4j Desktop as an education tool to visualize data interpretation with customers.”

Why Neo4j Enterprise?

Neo4j remains committed to providing the GPL’d open source Neo4j Community Edition to companies big and small for free.

However, many use cases require the highly-scalable Causal Clustering architecture and online backup provided by Neo4j Enterprise, in addition to many other features for security, monitoring and operations. Learn more about Enterprise Edition today.

“I’m always struck by the breadth of disruptive business models built around graph technology. Our Startup Program aims to give back to the startup community and make graph technology available to data infrastructures that thrive on connections and drive innovation. It’s gratifying to see our Startup Program members in action and witness their success.” – Emil Eifrem, CEO and Co-Founder of Neo4j

What qualifies as a startup?

The Startup Program exists to provide access to venture-backed, angel-backed or bootstrapped companies building products, SaaS applications and internal tools to directly support their own business. Applicants must have less than $3M in annual revenue and up to 50 employees.

Startup Program licenses are not valid for consultancies doing work for clients or prospects (including prototypes or POCs). However, if you’re interested in being a Neo4j partner as a consultancy, check out our Partner Program.

Does Neo4j provide enterprise-class support or professional services?

The free licenses granted under the Startup Program do not provide access to Enterprise support. Members are encouraged to ask their questions and actively participate in the Neo4j Online Community and Forum.

If you’d like to purchase a Neo4j Enterprise subscription, with included support and access to our Professional Services team, the Startup Program does provide highly-reduced pricing to early innovators. Contact our sales team to learn more.

What will you do with Neo4j?

Startups are hard work. Whether you’re bootstrapping the budget or answering to a board of picky investors, the last thing you need to worry about is trying to make a limited, open source tool do the work of real business software.

That’s where the Neo4j Startup Program comes in. With access to an enterprise-class graph database, your startup is set up for success and on a level playing field with other users of Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

There’s a lot you can accomplish when powered by the #1 platform for connected data. We’re looking forward to hearing stories about everything you’ve been able to achieve.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to push the boundaries of what’s possible for your business. Join the Neo4j Startup Program today!

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