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About Neo4j

Neo4j is the world's leading graph data platform. We help organizations - including Comcast, ICIJ, NASA, UBS, and Volvo Cars - capture the rich context of the real world that exists in their data to solve challenges of any size and scale.

Our customers transform their industries by curbing financial fraud and cybercrime, optimizing global networks, accelerating breakthrough research, and providing better recommendations. Neo4j delivers real-time transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualization, and more.

Neo4j Brand

This guide has been developed to ensure that the Neo4j brand is presented in a uniform and consistent way.

The following pages provide a set of guidelines detailing how to correctly use our brand identity. They are designed to be helpful to anyone implementing an element of the brand.

Clear Space & Minimum Size

Clear Space

A minimum clear space must frame the Neo4j logo. No other design elements may be positioned within this space, including typography, photography, and illustration.

The minimum clear space is based on half the height of the o and extends from the outermost edges of the logo on all sides.

Minimum Size

With decreasing size, the logo may begin to distort and become illegible. To avoid this risk, please only use approved artwork and do not print below the specified minimum size shown below. The logo should not be printed any smaller than 0.2” tall in print and 25px tall on the screen.

Things to Avoid

Adherence to these guidelines will ensure that the integrity of the identity is maintained. The simplest way to follow these guidelines is to use the approved digital artwork for all variants of the logo, and use good judgment in applying them. Shown are some examples of what not to do.

Never remove the nodes attached to the n

Never color the nodes on a white logo

Never outline the characters in the logo

Never use the logo on a low contrast bg

Never use nodes by themselves

Never stretch or rotate the logotype

Never print the logo in a different color

Never highlight a character individually


When presenting the Neo4j logo alongside a sponsor logo, use the Neo4j icon as a measuring tool for clear space all around the logo. Always present the Neo4j logo first and ensure that neither the partner/sponsor logo height nor width exceeds the height and width of the Neo4j logo.


Color is an essential and distinctive element of the Neo4j brand. The Neo4j logo should always be printed in Pantone 2184C (HEX #018BFF)

Pantone Black 6 C is an accent color and should be used sparingly as a highlight across print and digital materials for the best effect.

Body text and headings should be printed in Pantone Black 6 C. (HEX #000000)

All colors are shown with corresponding tints.

Differences in substrate and process can affect the color. The CMYK, RGB, and hexadecimal equivalents provided here are guidelines only and should not be considered to provide an exact match. Always carefully proof against the PANTONE Color Standard.

1, 139, 255
100, 45, 0, 0
Pantone 2184 C
0, 0, 0
60, 50, 50, 100
Pantone Black 6 C
255, 255, 255
0, 0, 0, 0
230, 248, 255
10, 3, 0, 0
Pantone 7457 C
122, 209, 255
52, 18, 0, 0
Pantone 299 C
2, 64, 146
97, 56, 0, 43
Pantone 294 C

Top Do's and Don'ts


Use only Flat Design and no 3D elements.


Avoid using gradients at all costs.


Use Nudista typeface for Print and Digital.


If your medium supports i.e Signage, Print, etc. use PMS color wherever possible over CMYK.

For all digital use RGB/HEX.


Turn around time by item.


Use these Paper Weight recommendations.


Any creative that uses our Neo4j logo needs to be run by the creative team. Please do not publish without our consent.