Flexible Licensing

Corporations, institutions, software vendors, and internet service providers use Neo4j to build real-time, connected-data applications. To continue and strengthen Neo4j’s role as the world’s leading graph database platform, we offer choices in how you can create and deploy your connected-data applications.

All code written at Neo4j is open source, including both Community and Enterprise Editions, and you can deploy Neo4j applications in the cloud, in containers or on premises. An you can select open source or commercial licensing, whichever works better for you.

Neo4j Community Edition

Neo4j Community Edition is a full-featured, best-in-class graph database that you can license via the GPL v3 license, similar to how Oracle licenses MySQL. We chose GPL licensing so you can use Community Edition for free with your project—whether you are deploying in the cloud or behind your firewall, and whether your application is open source or closed source.

To compare Neo4j Community and Enterprise Editions, visit https://neo4j.com/editions/

Neo4j Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition improves Neo4j performance, provide enterprise-class scaling, supports graphs of any size, lets you embed security and governance functions into your applications. It also simplifies application development and maintenance, and gives you access to Neo4j graph experts, professional product support, and a fast-growing community of system architects and innovators.

Neo4j recommends using its Enterprise Edition when applications have large graphs or require high levels of performance, scalability, security, data integrity or availability. It provides developers with the design, development, maintenance and operation power they need for enterprise-class graph applications.

You can license the Enterprise Edition in any of the following ways:

  • A commercial license if you want to protect your intellectual property or distribute your application commercially
  • A free-of-charge license for educational use
  • A free-of-charge license for use as a development platform in early-stage startups

Why Choose the Neo4j Enterprise Edition?

Enterprise Edition adds significant functionality to the core graph database power of the Community Edition. For an overview, click here. But the real business benefits of the Enterprise Edition are much simpler, and translate directly into higher revenues, lower costs and real competitive advantage.

Simplify Application Development and Maintenance

  • Control application development costs by simplifying development efforts and driving developer productivity
  • Cut long-term application maintenance costs significantly by reacting quickly to integrate new applications and constantly changing data sources

Increase Enterprise Agility and Competitiveness

  • Boost competitiveness by speeding time-to-market for new systems
  • Drive enterprise agility by rapidly adapting to reorganizations and market changes

Develop Mission-Critical, Enterprise-Scale Applications

  • Build applications of any size—inside and outside the firewall—using Enterprise Edition’s unlimited graph size, high scalability and clustering, fault tolerance, security and data integrity
  • Maintain employee productivity and customer satisfaction with Neo4j’s high performance and availability

Manage and Mitigate Risk

  • Reduce risk by tapping into the worldwide community of Neo4j developers, groups and online forums
  • Guarantee success by taking full advantage of Neo4j’s world-class product support, application planning and professional services

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