Graph Success Awaits You

Ready to make Neo4j your graph application platform? To guarantee your success from the start, you can call on the largest collection of graph database services available anywhere. They include a worldwide community of developers, active customer advisory boards, developer conferences, and Neo4j support, success, training and knowledgebase services.

Neo4j Support and Success Services

No organization has as much experience in graph applications than Neo4j. We can speed you along the graph learning curve and eliminate costly delays and mistakes. When you purchase a commercial license for Neo4j, you get access to the following world-class product and support services.

Neo4j Knowledgebase

Get fast, online insight into common problems and questions using Neo4j’s ever-growing knowledgebase of technical answers, tips and techniques.

Enterprise Support

Take advantage of 24/7 support, the online support portal and prioritized product fixes as a Neo4j Enterprise Edition licensee.

Neo4j Deployment Success Program

As an Enterprise Edition licensee, get end-to-end Neo4j support throughout your entire project lifecycle. Get tailored advice from dedicated experts as they guide you through design, development, testing, deployment and use of your applications.

Neo4j Ambassador Reference Program

Gain access to customer advisory boards, publicity events, industry analysis, GraphConnect programs and conference sponsorships.

Online Communities and Resources


Neo4j Google Group

Visit this online, public forum for discussing and learning from others about graph database and Neo4j application development. For more technical questions and discussions, visit Stack Overflow.!forum/neo4j

Stack Overflow

Ask questions, share design problems and discuss application challenges with thousands of other graph application developers.

Neo4j GraphAcademy

Tap into a world of innovative and flexible offerings to meet all your Neo4j and graph database training and tutorial needs.

Neo4j Webinars

Attend online seminars featuring special guests and Neo4j team members. Discover graph technology, learn about Neo4j and partner products, and learn techniques for developing great graph applications.

Neo4j Training

Sign up for training sessions on Neo4j and graph database technology. Attend a public session or schedule a private session onsite at your location.

Neo4j Certification

Know you’re development team is qualified and ready to tackle your graph app challenges. Ask all your engineers and contractors to get their Neo4j Certification.


Become a graph expert in one day of complimentary training. Learn graph theory and graph database benefits in the morning, and receive hands-on Neo4j training in the afternoon. End the day with the skills you need to get started with Neo4j graph applications.

Graph Talks

Designed for IT experts and executives, GraphTalks cover the key advantages of graph databases. Learn how easy it is to adopt graph database technology from Neo4j customers and partners. Discover how your organization can use graph solutions while mingling with like-minded IT experts over breakfast or lunch.[

Neo4j Events and User Groups


Attend global gatherings of experts and enthusiasts in the graph technology and Neo4j community. Watch presentations on new technologies, market directions, new products, creative applications and powerful techniques.

Neo4j Meetup Groups

Join more than 50,000 others and find out what’s happening in Neo4j and graph database Meetup groups around the world.

Neo4j Ecosystem Initiatives

Neo4j is the center of the world’s largest and fastest-growing graph ecosystem. As each graph application and analysis project joins in, the network gains in value to each and every member of the Neo4j graph community.

openCypher Project

Join the openCypher Project, an open initiative for creating a standard, interoperable graph query language based on Neo4j’s Cypher graph query language. The Project spans a variety of industry and standardization councils including LDBC and the openCypher Implementers Group (oCIG).

Neo4j Innovators’ Network

Tap into a network of hundreds of startups, thousands of community developers and more than half of the Fortune 500. Take advantage of the products and services of hundreds of global resellers, training partners, cloud-services vendors, and tools and database vendors.

Graph Analytics with Cypher on Apache Spark (CAPS)

Participate in CAPS, an open project led by Neo4j to bring the Cypher query language to Apache Spark and promote graph-based data science and analytics.