After launching in the world of social networks and dating sites, highly-targeted recommendations have become a vital part of shopping, networking and service websites worldwide.

Businesses of all kinds are incorporating personalized recommendations into their online marketing strategies. And the list of applications is growing in leaps and bounds as businesses outside the dating and e-commerce worlds discover how personalizing online experiences drives customer satisfaction and revenues.

Social Networks

  • Find compatible friends and partners
  • Locate contacts with similar job histories or backgrounds
  • Unearth business opportunities and partnerships
  • Promote events and opportunities of personal interest

Online Commerce

  • Suggest products based on browsing and purchase histories
  • Uncover interesting deals on local or third-party sites
  • Locate products that are ready to ship to replace out of stock items
  • Offer cross-sells or upsells based on shopping cart contents
  • Coordinate offers across online, social and mobile and brick-and-mortar channels


  • Streamline supply chains with the right suppliers and parts
  • Determine the best shipping methods and timing for orders
  • Select the most cost-effective carriers for deliveries
  • Optimize routing of parts and orders shipments

Enterprise Software and Services

  • Find customers and opportunities in prospecting and CRM systems
  • Unearth potential business opportunities and partners
  • Recommend most likely prospects for upcoming promotions
  • Present documents that address users’ questions or problems


  • Recommend songs, videos or other content
  • List upcoming concerts, performances, sports and events
  • Suggest video games and online entertainment
  • Select restaurants by type, location and price


  • Find alternative flights or routes to destinations
  • Suggest accommodations for a user’s next vacation or business trip
  • Recommend travel packages and deals based on search and purchase patterns

Job Search and Recruiting

  • Show resumes that best match a job description to recruiters
  • Locate candidates with specific experience or education
  • Suggest relevant job opportunities to candidates

Knowledge Management and Search

  • Deepen and improve search results for any application
  • Build visual search facilities based on property graphs and network diagrams
  • Create domain- and application-specific search facilities for business units and domains
  • Define connections among products, services and documents that search engines miss
  • Evolve and add connections to searches easily to improve and fine-tune results
  • Build knowledge bases of product or technology documents

The list of new applications of graph-based real-time recommendation solutions grows constantly as organizations make personalized selling a priority and learn about all the benefits of Neo4j and graph technology.

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