Neo4j Production Support Success

Graph Success Awaits You Ready to make Neo4j your graph application platform? To guarantee your success from the start, you can call on the largest collection of graph database services available anywhere. They include a worldwide community of developers, active… Read more →

The Native Path to Graph Performance

It’s All in the Relationships Like a complex system grid or an air-traffic-control map, a graph database is represented as a network of nodes and connections called a labeled property graph. The nodes, which appear as circles or squares, represent… Read more →

Moving from Relational to Relationships

Modern Data Breaks Relational Models Since the 1980s, the relational database has been the preferred platform for enterprise software applications that process highly structured data. But the demands of modern business trigger seismic shifts that push relational models to their… Read more →

Reasons for Using Graph Technology

Built for the Modern World There are many technical reasons why a graph database platform is far superior to other technologies for connected-data applications — power, performance, flexibility, and developer productivity to name a few. Those technical advantages drive very… Read more →