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SessionConfig Class

The interface that defines options applicable to session constructions. It could be populated by the provided builder-style methods. The default SessionConfig defines a Write session with the server default database using default fetch size specified in FetchSize.
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Namespace:  Neo4j.Driver
Assembly:  Neo4j.Driver (in Neo4j.Driver.dll) Version: 4.1.0
public sealed class SessionConfig

The SessionConfig type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBookmarks
The initial bookmarks to be used by the constructed session. The first transaction (either auto-commit or explicit) will ensure that the executing server is at least up to date to the point identified by the latest of the provided initial bookmarks. The bookmarks can be obtained from LastBookmark (and corresponding properties in other types of sessions, i.e. IRxSession or ISession.
Public propertyDatabase
The database that the constructed session will connect to.
When used against servers supporting multi-databases, it is recommended that this value to be set explicitly either through WithDatabase(String) method. If not, then the session will connect to the default database configured on the server side. When used against servers that don't support multi-databases, this property should be left unset.
Public propertyDefaultAccessMode
Public propertyFetchSize
The default fetch size. Since Bolt v4 (Neo4j 4.0+), the query running result (records) are pulled from server in batches. This fetch size defines how many records to pull in each batch. Use Infinite to disable batching and always pull all records in one batch instead.
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