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GraphDatabaseDriver Method (Uri, ActionConfigBuilder)

Returns a driver for a Neo4j instance with custom configuration.

Namespace:  Neo4j.Driver
Assembly:  Neo4j.Driver (in Neo4j.Driver.dll) Version: 4.2.0
public static IDriver Driver(
	Uri uri,
	Action<ConfigBuilder> action


Type: SystemUri
The URI to the Neo4j instance. Should be in the form protocol://<server location>:<port>. If port is not supplied the default of 7687 will be used. The supported protocols in URI could either be bolt or neo4j. The protocol bolt should be used when creating a driver connecting to the Neo4j instance directly. The protocol neo4j should be used when creating a driver with built-in routing.
Type: SystemActionConfigBuilder
Specifies how to build a driver configuration Config, using ConfigBuilder. If set to null, then no modification will be carried out and the default driver configurations Config will be used when creating the driver.

Return Value

Type: IDriver
A new IDriver instance specified by the uri.
ArgumentNullExceptionThrown if uri is null.
Ensure you provide the protocol for the uri.
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