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GraphDatabaseDriver Method (Uri, IAuthToken, ActionConfigBuilder)

Returns a driver for a Neo4j instance with custom configuration.

Namespace:  Neo4j.Driver
Assembly:  Neo4j.Driver (in Neo4j.Driver.dll) Version: 4.2.0
public static IDriver Driver(
	Uri uri,
	IAuthToken authToken,
	Action<ConfigBuilder> action


Type: SystemUri
The URI to the Neo4j instance. Should be in the form neo4j://<server location>:<port>. If port is not supplied the default of 7687 will be used.
Type: Neo4j.DriverIAuthToken
Authentication to use, AuthTokens.
Type: SystemActionConfigBuilder
Defines how to build a driver configuration Config using ConfigBuilder. If set to null, then no modification will be carried out on the build. As a result, a default config with default settings will be used Config when creating the new driver.

Return Value

Type: IDriver
A new driver to the database instance specified by the uri.
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