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ConfigBuilder Methods

The ConfigBuilder type exposes the following members.

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Public methodWithConnectionAcquisitionTimeout
Sets the maximum connection acquisition timeout for waiting for a connection to become available in idle connection pool when MaxConnectionPoolSize is reached.
Public methodWithConnectionIdleTimeout
Specify the connection idle timeout. The connection that has been idled in pool for longer than specified timeout will not be reused but closed.
Public methodWithConnectionTimeout
Specify socket connection timeout. A TimeSpan that represents the number of milliseconds to wait, or InfiniteInterval to wait indefinitely.
Public methodWithDefaultReadBufferSize
Specify the default read buffer size which the driver allocates for its internal buffers.
Public methodWithDefaultWriteBufferSize
Specify the default write buffer size which the driver allocates for its internal buffers.
Public methodWithEncryptionLevel
Sets the Config to use TLS if level is true.
Public methodWithFetchSize
Sets the default fetch size. Since Bolt v4 (Neo4j 4.0+), the query running result (records) are pulled from server in batches. This fetch size defines how many records to pull in each batch. Use Infinite to disable batching and always pull all records in one batch instead.
Public methodWithIpv6Enabled
Setting this option to true will enable ipv6 on socket connections.
Public methodWithLogger
Sets the Config to use a given ILogger instance.
Public methodWithMaxConnectionLifetime
Specify the maximum connection life time. The connection that has been created for longer than specified time will not be reused but closed.
Public methodWithMaxConnectionPoolSize
Sets the size of the connection pool.
Public methodWithMaxIdleConnectionPoolSize
Sets the size of the idle connection pool.
Public methodWithMaxReadBufferSize
Specify the size when internal read buffers reach, will be released for garbage collection.
Public methodWithMaxTransactionRetryTime
Specify the maximum time transactions are allowed to retry via transaction functions. These methods will retry the given unit of work on SessionExpiredException, TransientException and ServiceUnavailableException with exponential backoff using initial delay of 1 second. Default value is 30 seconds.
Public methodWithMaxWriteBufferSize
Specify the size when internal write buffers reach, will be released for garbage collection.
Public methodWithResolver
Gets or internal sets a custom server address resolver used by the routing driver to resolve the initial address used to create the driver. Such resolution happens: 1) during the very first rediscovery when driver is created. 2) when all the known routers from the current routing table have failed and driver needs to fallback to the initial address.
Public methodWithSocketKeepAliveEnabled
Enable socket to send keep alive pings on TCP level to prevent pooled socket connections from getting killed after leaving client idle for a long time. The interval of keep alive pings are internal set via your OS system.
Public methodWithTrustManager
Sets the TrustManager to use while establishing trust via TLS. The manager will not take effect if EncryptionLevel decides to use no TLS encryption on the connections.
Public methodWithUserAgent
Sets the userAgent. Used to get and set the User Agent string. If not used the default will be "neo4j-dotnet/x.y" where x is the major version and y is the minor version.
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