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IAsyncSessionReadTransactionAsyncT Method (FuncIAsyncTransaction, TaskT, ActionTransactionConfigBuilder)

Asynchronously execute given unit of work in a Read transaction with a specific TransactionConfig.

Namespace:  Neo4j.Driver
Assembly:  Neo4j.Driver (in Neo4j.Driver.dll) Version: 4.1.0
Task<T> ReadTransactionAsync<T>(
	Func<IAsyncTransaction, Task<T>> work,
	Action<TransactionConfigBuilder> action


Type: SystemFuncIAsyncTransaction, TaskT
The FuncT, TResult to be applied to a new read transaction.
Type: SystemActionTransactionConfigBuilder
Given a TransactionConfigBuilder, defines how to set the configurations for the new transaction. This configuration overrides server side default transaction configurations. See TransactionConfig

Type Parameters

The return type of the given unit of work.

Return Value

Type: TaskT
A task of a result as returned by the given unit of work.
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