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import Driver from 'neo4j-driver/lib/driver.js'
public class | source



neo4j-driver-core~CoreDriver → Driver

A driver maintains one or more Sessions with a remote Neo4j instance. Through the Sessions you can send queries and retrieve results from the database.

Drivers are reasonably expensive to create - you should strive to keep one driver instance around per Neo4j Instance you connect to.

Method Summary

Public Methods

Acquire a reactive session to communicate with the database.

Public Methods

public rxSession(config: SessionConfig): RxSession source

Acquire a reactive session to communicate with the database. The session will borrow connections from the underlying connection pool as required and should be considered lightweight and disposable.

This comes with some responsibility - make sure you always call close when you are done using a session, and likewise, make sure you don't close your session before you are done using it. Once it is closed, the underlying connection will be released to the connection pool and made available for others to use.


config SessionConfig



new reactive session.