Getting Started

This repo contains the files that you need to start a new Neo4j documentation project.


  • name: - replace docs-template with the name of the project as it will appear in the URL<PROJECT_NAME>`, for example 'getting-started', 'cypher-manual'.

  • title: - the title of the manual, for example Getting Started Guide, Cypher® Manual. This value is displayed in the breadcrumbs above each page.

  • version: - the version of the content that is generated from the branch containing this antora.yml file.

Optionally, you can add the following attributes:

  • display_version: - Use this attribute when you want the version that is displayed in your content and in the UI to be different from the version that appears in the URL. For example, you might want to use /2.0/ in URLs, but display the version as 2.0-beta in the version selector drop-down.

  • prerelease: - if you publish multiple versions of this project, you can mark a version as being a prerelease, by adding prerelease: true. The content is published alongside the other versions, but does not appear in the drop-down version selector, and is not included when Antora is calculating the default (or 'latest') version in order to resolve links between pages. For more information, see Antora Docs → Identify a Prerelease Version


Antora uses a playbook to determine what content is included in a site, and the appearance of that content.

In our projects, we use preview.yml as the default playbook name.

Update the start_page attribute to match the value of the name attribute in your antora.yml file.

  start_page: docs-template:ROOT:index.adoc

Update the information for the sitemap extension:

  - require: "@neo4j-antora/antora-modify-sitemaps"
    sitemap_version: '1.0'
    sitemap_loc_version: 'current'
    move_sitemaps_to_components: true

The antora-modify-sitemaps Antora extension generates sitemaps for Neo4j docs that include information about the current release only, and makes sure those sitemaps are included in the right output folder when the HTML is built. In this example, a sitemap file would be generated at build/site/docs-template/1.0/sitemap.xml. Change the value of sitemap_version to the 'current' release version of your project. For example, Neo4j manuals such as the Getting Started Guide or Cypher Manual use 4.4 as their current version, so for those manuals this is set as sitemap_version: '4.4.

If your repo is public, you can add an Edit this page link to your pages to encourage external contributors, and to provide a quick way for users to suggest changes.

Update the following attribute in your playbook:

    page-origin-private: false

[Optional] Add a 'preview' note to each page

When we publish preview content to either development or production environments, we prepend an admonition to every page to make it clear that this is preview content, for example, as in Graph Data Science 2.0-preview.

You can use the antora-add-notes extension to add content to your pages. Follow the Usage instructions in the package documentation.