Use to update many nodes. The model.find method maps to the underlying schema Queries.

1. Usage

1.1. Basic

const User = ogm.model("User");

const users = await User.find();

2. Relationships

Reference: Selection Set

const User = ogm.model("User");

const selectionSet = `
        posts {

const users = await User.find({

3. Args

3.1. where

JavaScript object representation of the GraphQL where input type, used for Queries.

3.2. options

JavaScript object representation of the GraphQL options input type, used for Pagination.

3.3. selectionSet

Reference: Selection Set

3.4. args

The arguments for the GraphQL Query.

3.5. context

The context for the GraphQL Query.

3.6. rootValue

The rootValue for the GraphQL Query.