You can choose your preferred way in order to install the plugin.

Download and install the plugin via Confluent Hub client

If you are using the provided compose file you can easily install the plugin by using the Confluent Hub.

Once the compose file is up and running you can install the plugin by executing the following command:

<confluent_platform_dir>/bin/confluent-hub install neo4j/kafka-connect-neo4j:<version>

When the installation will ask:

The component can be installed in any of the following Confluent Platform installations:

Please prefer the solution (where this tool is installed) and then go ahead with the default options.

Following an example:

confluent hub client installation
Figure 1. Installation via Confluent Hub Client

At the end of the process the plugin is automatically installed.

Download the zip from the Confluent Hub

Please go to the Confluent Hub page of the plugin:

And click to the Download Connector button.

Once you downloaded the file please place it into your Kafka Connect plugins dir.

Download the zip from Github Releases

Please go to the Github releases page of the plugin:

And download the latest Kafka Connect Neo4j Connector.

Once you download the file please place it into your Kafka Connect plugins dir.

Build it locally

Download the project from Github:

git clone

Go into the neo4j-streams directory:

cd neo4j-streams

Build the project by running the following command:

mvn clean install

Inside the directory <neo4j-streams>/kafka-connect-neo4j/target/component/packages you’ll find a file named neo4j-kafka-connect-neo4j-<VERSION>.zip, please unpackage and place it into your Kafka Connect plugins dir.