The following terms are relevant to role-based access control within Neo4j:

active user

A user who is active within the system and can perform actions prescribed by any assigned roles on the data. This is in contrast to a suspended user.


This is a user who has been assigned the admin role.

current user

This is the currently logged-in user invoking the commands described in this chapter.

password policy

The password policy is a set of rules of what makes up a valid password. For Neo4j, the following rules apply:

  • The password cannot be the empty string.

  • When changing passwords, the new password cannot be the same as the previous password.


This is a collection of actions — such as read and write — permitted on the data.

suspended user

A user who has been suspended is not able to access the database in any capacity, regardless of any assigned roles.

  • A user is composed of a username and credentials, where the latter is a unit of information, such as a password, verifying the identity of a user.

  • A user may represent a human, an application etc.