Prepare a database for restoring

This section describes how to apply the latest transactions pulled at the backup time but not yet applied to the store.

1. Command

If the --prepare-restore option is disabled when you back up your database, your store may not contain the latest transactions pulled at backup time. In this case, you have to run the --neo4j-admin prepare-restore command to apply those transactions to the store, before you can restore your data.

1.1. Syntax

neo4j-admin prepare-restore --target=<path>[,<path>...]...

1.2. Options

Option Default Description


A path to the backup that is going to be prepared for restoring. A path can contain asterisks or question marks in the last subpath but must not contain commas. Multiple paths are separated by a comma.


Enable verbose output.


Allow command expansion in config value evaluation.



Allow multiple threads to apply transactions to a backup in parallel. For some databases and workloads, this may reduce execution times significantly.

parallel-recovery is an experimental option. Consult Neo4j support before use.

2. Example

The following is an example of preparing your database backup, created in the section Back up an online database, for restoring, using the neo4j-admin prepare-restore command.

bin/neo4j-admin prepare-restore --target=/mnt/backups/neo4j