Multi-data center

This section introduces the multi-data center functionality in Neo4j.

Some use cases present high needs for availability, redundancy, locality of client applications, or simply scale. In these cases it is important that the cluster is aware of its physical topology so that it can optimize for workload. This makes configuring a single cluster to span multiple data centers a necessary proposition.

The following sections are dedicated to describing the different aspects of multi-data center operations of a Causal Cluster.

Licensing for multi-data center operations

Multi-data center functionality is intended for very demanding users of Neo4j who typically operate under a commercial database license. As a result, multi-data center functionality is licensed separately from the single-data center Causal Clustering features.

In order to confirm that you are operating under a suitable license, you must explicitly set the following in neo4j.conf:

Without this configuration, all of the multi-data center features will remain disabled.