Install the Neo4j read replicas

Before you can install the read replica, you need to verify that the core members have formed a cluster. For more information, see Verify the Neo4j cluster formation.

Read Replicas can only be installed after a cluster of at least three cores is formed. Otherwise, the helm install command throws the following error:

Error: template: neo4j-cluster-read-replica/templates/neo4j-auth.yaml:5:8: executing "neo4j-cluster-read-replica/templates/neo4j-auth.yaml" at <include "neo4j.checkIfClusterIsPresent" .>: error calling include: template: neo4j-cluster-read-replica/templates/_helpers.tpl:84:11: executing "neo4j.checkIfClusterIsPresent" at <fail "Cannot install Read Replica until a cluster of 3 or more cores is formed">: error calling fail: Cannot install Read Replica until a cluster of 3 or more cores is formed
  1. Install the Neo4j read replica using rr-1 as a release name, the deployment rr-1.values.yaml file created in Create value.yaml files, and the neo4j/neo4j-cluster-read-replica Helm Chart:

    helm install rr-1 neo4j/neo4j-cluster-read-replica -f rr-1.values.yaml
    Example output
    NAME: rr-1
    LAST DEPLOYED: Fri Nov  5 16:15:13 2021
    NAMESPACE: default
    STATUS: deployed
    TEST SUITE: None
    Thank you for installing neo4j-cluster-read-replica.
    Your release "rr-1" has been installed .
    The neo4j user's password has been set to "my-password".
    This release creates a single Neo4j Read Replica instance. It  will not become ready until it is able to join a working Neo4j cluster.
    Graphs are everywhere!
  2. Verify that the read replica has joined the cluster. See the next section Verify the read replica has joined the cluster.