12.5. Memory recommendations

This chapter describes the memrec command of Neo4j Admin.

Use the memrec command of neo4j-admin to get an initial recommendation on how to configure memory parameters for Neo4j:

neo4j-admin memrec [--memory=<memory dedicated to Neo4j>] [--database=<name>]

The recommendations will be given in a format such that it can be copied and pasted straight into neo4j.conf.


Option Default Description


The memory capacity of the machine

The amount of memory to allocate to Neo4j. Valid units are: k, K, m, M, g, G.



The name of the database. This option will generate numbers for Lucene indexes, and for data volume and native indexes in the database. These can be used as an input into more detailed memory analysis.


The neo4j-admin memrec command calculates a valid starting point for Neo4j memory settings, based on the provided memory. The specific conditions for your use case may warrant adjustment of these values. See Section 11.1, “Memory configuration” for a description of the memory settings in Neo4j.

Example 12.4. Use the memrec command of neo4j-admin

The following example illustrates how neo4j-admin memrec provides a recommendation on how to use 16g of memory:

$neo4j-home> bin/neo4j-admin memrec --memory=16g

# Based on the above, the following memory settings are recommended: