15.4. Display store information

This chapter describes the store-info command of Neo4j Admin.

The version of a Neo4j database can be displayed using the store-info command of neo4j-admin:

neo4j-admin store-info <path-to-store>

The store argument takes a path to a Neo4j database or backup. We will know if the store will need to go through a format migration as part of restoring a backup, by the presence of the message Store format superseded in: in the output.

The Neo4j Admin store-info command can not be used on a running database. The store is locked for protection while the database is running, and using the store-info command on it will fail with an error message indicating this.

Example 15.2. Example usage with older backup

You have an old backup of Neo4j a folder called /backups/graph-db.2016-11-11/ which you would like to restore. It is unclear what the version of Neo4j was at the time of backup. To find out, you would run:

$neo4j-home> bin/neo4j-admin store-info /backups/graph-db.2016-11-11
Store format version:         vE.H.0
Introduced in version:        3.0.0
Store format superseded in:   3.0.6

The output reveals that the database was configured to use the high-limit format, which is Enterprise Edition only. This means the backup can only be used with Neo4j Enterprise Edition.

The output also explains that the format was introduced in Neo4j 3.0.0, but a newer format was shipped in Neo4j 3.0.6. This means that a format migration must be performed if the backup is restored (see Chapter 10, Upgrade for details).

Example 15.3. Example usage with newer backup

As with the previous example, let us assume that another backup of Neo4j is present in /backups/graph-db.2016-11-11/. In this case the output is:

$neo4j-home> bin/neo4j-admin store-info /backups/graph-db.2016-11-11
Store format version:    v0.A.7
Introduced in version:   3.0.0

The output tells us that the backup is made with the standard store format, which all editions of Neo4j support. It is also the newest version of the format known to Neo4j. This means that no format migration is necessary for the backup to be restored.