The dashboard page offers rich charts and tables with data related to your monitored DBMSs. Currently three time windows are supported Live (30 minutes), 24 hours and 3 days worth of data.

The table in the Host Metrics tab and Instance Metrics tab includes static data for our DBMSs, like the cpu cores of our system (physical and logical) and memory.


Charts allow for zooming/panning by clicking and specifying the area of interest by dragging the cursor. To reset zoom in the chart you can press double click inside the chart.

Status panel

In the Status panel page there are three main tabs containing information about your DBMS.

System topology

This tab offers a toplology view of the specified DBMS. It is similar to the topology view in the home page, but provides more detail. The image below shows a healthy Single instance monitored, with two databases, the neo4j and system.

status panel

Tabular view

This tab offers a tabular view of the DBMS. It displays data that can be found if you directly execute the cypher procedure SHOW DATABASES on your DBMS.

tabular view