35.2. Create

An index is created if it doesn’t exist when you ask for it. Unless you give it a custom configuration, it will be created with default configuration and backend.

To set the stage for our examples, let’s create some indexes to begin with:

IndexManager index = graphDb.index();
Index<Node> actors = index.forNodes( "actors" );
Index<Node> movies = index.forNodes( "movies" );
RelationshipIndex roles = index.forRelationships( "roles" );

This will create two node indexes and one relationship index with default configuration. See Section 35.8, “Relationship indexes” for more information specific to relationship indexes.

See Section 35.10, “Configuration and fulltext indexes” for how to create fulltext indexes.

You can also check if an index exists like this:

IndexManager index = graphDb.index();
boolean indexExists = index.existsForNodes( "actors" );