neo4j-backup — Neo4j Backup Tool


neo4j-backup -host <host> [-port <port>] -to target_directory


A tool to perform live backups over the network from a running Neo4j graph database onto a local filesystem. Backups can be either full or incremental. The first backup must be a full backup, after that incremental backups can be performed.

The source(s) are given as host:port pairs, the target is a filesystem location.

For information regarding Windows, see


copies the entire database to a directory.
copies the changes that have taken place since the last full or incremental backup to an existing backup store.

The backup tool will automatically detect whether it needs to do a full or an incremental backup.


Backup sources are given in the following format:

-host <host> [-port <port>]

In single mode, the host of a source database; in HA mode, the cluster address of a cluster member.
In single mode, the port of a source database backup service; in HA mode, the port of a cluster instance. If not given, the default value 6362 will be used for single mode, 5001 for HA.


Backups can only be performed on databases which have the configuration parameter enable_online_backup=true set. That will make the backup service available on the default port (6362). To enable the backup service on a different port use for example enable_online_backup=port=9999 instead.


# Performing a backup the first time: create a blank directory and run the backup tool
mkdir /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup
neo4j-backup -host -to /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup

# Subsequent backups using the same _target_-directory will be incremental and therefore quick
neo4j-backup -host freja -to /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup

# Performing a backup where the service is registered on a custom port
neo4j-backup -host freja -port 9999 -to /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup

# Performing a backup from HA cluster, specifying a cluster member
./neo4j-backup -host oden -to /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup

# Performing a backup from HA cluster, specifying a cluster member registered on custom port
./neo4j-backup -host oden -port 9191 -to /mnt/backup/neo4j-backup


The Neo4j backups are fully functional databases. To use a backup, replace your database directory with the backup.