31.7. An example shell session

 # Create a node
 neo4j-sh (?)$ mknode --cd

 # where are we?
 neo4j-sh (0)$ pwd
 Current is (0)

 # On the current node, set the key "name" to value "Jon"
 neo4j-sh (0)$ set name "Jon"

 # send a cypher query
 neo4j-sh (Jon,0)$ match n where id(n) = 0 return n;
 | n                   |
 | Node[0]{name:"Jon"} |
 1 row
 36 ms

 # make an incoming relationship of type LIKES, create the end node with the node properties specified.
 neo4j-sh (Jon,0)$ mkrel -c -d i -t LIKES --np "{'app':'foobar'}"

 # where are we?
 neo4j-sh (Jon,0)$ ls
 *name =[Jon]

 # change to the newly created node
 neo4j-sh (Jon,0)$ cd 1

 # list relationships, including relationship id
 neo4j-sh (1)$ ls -avr

 # create one more KNOWS relationship and the end node
 neo4j-sh (1)$ mkrel -c -d i -t KNOWS --np "{'name':'Bob'}"

 # print current history stack
 neo4j-sh (1)$ pwd
 Current is (1)

 # verbose list relationships
 neo4j-sh (1)$ ls -avr