31.5. Node titles

To make it easier to navigate your graph the shell can display a title for each node, f.ex. in ls -r. It will display the relationships as well as the nodes on the other side of the relationships. The title is displayed together with each node and its best suited property value from a list of property keys.

If you’re standing on a node which has two KNOWS relationships to other nodes it’d be difficult to know which friend is which. The title feature addresses this by reading a list of property keys and grabbing the first existing property value of those keys and displays it as a title for the node. So you may specify a list (with or without regular expressions), f.ex: name,title.*,caption and the title for each node will be the property value of the first existing key in that list. The list is defined by the client (you) using the TITLE_KEYS environment variable (see the section called “Environment variables”) and the default being .*name.*,.*title.*