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These free, self-paced courses introduce you to and teach you about Neo4j, Cypher, graph data modeling, graph algorithms, and Neo4j administration. Each course includes hands-on exercises so you can gain experience with Neo4j.

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After completing the Introduction to Neo4j 4.x Series of courses, you can take the free 1-hour Neo4j Certified Professional exam.

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Now is the perfect time to show your employer, customers, and colleagues that you are a Neo4j expert. We currently have three free certification exams.

  1. Neo4j Certified Professional (60 minute exam with 80 questions): Tests Neo4j 4.x concepts, Cypher, and some basic data modeling. If you pass the Neo4j Certified Professional exam, you gain access to additional advanced Neo4j training.

  2. Neo4j 4.x Certified (45 minute exam with 30 questions): Tests Neo4j 4.x-specific features but focuses on production features of Neo4j 4.x (RBAC and Fabric).

  3. Neo4j Graph Data Science Certified (60 minute exam with 40 questions): Tests use of Neo4j Graph Data Science Library, workflow with the library, and the algorithms.

Instructor-led Training & Webinars

Public Training

Neo4j Fundamentals to Graph Data Modeling, get hands-on training and learn from Neo4j experts.

Private/Onsite Training

We’ll come to you. Request customized Neo4j training for you and your development team at your office.


Featuring special guests and Neo4j team members, learn techniques and discover graph database innovations.

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University Program

Complimentary educational program aimed at helping students and faculty learn and teach about graph databases and Neo4j.

Neo4j Professional Services

We offer a Technical bootcamp (4 days) which is a combination of training and consulting services to ensure your project gets off to the right start.