Learn how to use Graph Algorithms of the Graph Data Science Library for Neo4j 4.0.

IntroGraphAlgos 40 withTitle

About the Course

This online course is a collection of lessons and hands-on exercises that teach you best practices for using graph algorithms with Neo4j.


You must have Cypher programming experience to take this course.


If you perform all of the hands-on exercises in this course, it will take you 5 hours to complete the course.

What you will learn

  • What graph algorithms are.

  • What the Graph Data Science Library is.

  • Workflow best practices when executing graph algorithms.

  • Setting up your training environment for using graph algorithms.

  • Managing graphs during the workflow for graph algorithms.

  • Estimating memory requirements.

  • Using Community Detection algorithms.

  • Using Centrality algorithms.

  • Using Similarity algorithms.

  • Practical application of graph algorithms.

  • Additional information for using algorithms effectively.

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