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Course Summary

In this course, you have learned how to:

  • Implement a simple graph data model.
  • Import data into an existing graph data model.
  • Profile query performance against the implemented graph.
  • Refactor graph data models


There are many resources available to you for learning more about Neo4j and Cypher.

Neo4j Community Site where you can ask or answer questions about Neo4j and discuss with other users:

Neo4j documentation:

Neo4j Sandboxes for experimenting with graphs:

Videos on the Neo4j YouTube channel:

Neo4j online and classroom training:

Become a Neo4j certified developer:

The certification exam tests you on content from this course. You can take the certification exam multiple times until you pass!

GitHub repository:

Neo4j events all over the world:

Graph Gists for learning more use cases for Neo4j:

Attend a Neo4j meetup:

View questions/answers raised about Neo4j:

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