Basic Neo4j 4.x Administration

Learn basic Neo4j administration to manage Neo4j instances

BasicNeo4jAdministration 4.0 withTitle

About the Course

This online course is a collection of lessons and and hands-on exercises which teach you how to manage a Neo4j 4.x DBMS.


You need not have extensive programming experience to take this course.

To perform the hands-on exercises, you must install Docker on your system.


If you perform all of the hands-on exercises in this course, it will take you one day to complete the course.

The lessons of this course include:

  • Introduction to Neo4j

  • Overview of Neo4j Administration

  • Managing a Neo4j Instance

  • Using cypher-shell to Manage Databases

  • Copying Databases

  • Changing the Database Location

  • Checking Database Consistency

  • Scripting to Manage Databases

  • Configuring Plugins

  • Changing the HTTP Port

  • Importing Data

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