Basic Neo4j 4.x Administration

Learn basic Neo4j administration to manage Neo4j instances

BasicNeo4jAdministration 4.0 withTitle

About the Course

This online course is a collection of lessons and and hands-on exercises which teach you how to manage a Neo4j 4.x DBMS.

This course is intended for users that need to manage a Neo4j instance that they own. If you are using Neo4j Aura, you cannot manage the Neo4j instance.


You need not have extensive programming experience to take this course.

To perform the hands-on exercises, you must install Docker on your system.


If you perform all of the hands-on exercises in this course, it will take you one day to complete the course.

The lessons of this course include:

  • Introduction to Neo4j

  • Overview of Neo4j Administration

  • Managing a Neo4j Instance

  • Using cypher-shell to Manage Databases

  • Copying Databases

  • Changing the Database Location

  • Checking Database Consistency

  • Scripting to Manage Databases

  • Configuring Plugins

  • Changing the HTTP Port

  • Importing Data

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